What accessories can you put in air fryer?

We would like to start with the most famous question. There is no one single answer because there are thousands of different models on the market, but they all have one thing in common: they need accessories. The more advanced model you buy, the more things it can do. But if you have a basic model, this list will tell you what you can do with your air fryer.

1. Baking Pan:

You know that Baking Pan for baking small cakes? Yeah, it’s a thing. I was skeptical too at first- but they’ve come in handy when making cheesy dips or anything else you want to reduce into an appetizing consistency! The high sides of these pans prevent boiling over during air frying which means your Deep Frying Game will be on point with less cleanup and more time having fun!

Air fryers are a must for any busy kitchen. They cook food quickly and efficiently, so you can whip up some tasty treats in no time! This small baking pan is compatible with most models of the Air Fryer and Instant Pot on today’s market.

2. Instant Read Meat Thermometer:

If you want your food to come out exactly as planned, use an instant read meat thermometer when following recipes. All of the air fryers are slightly different which means that they can cook at varying wattages and heat levels differently; this will affect how long certain meats or baked goods take in each individual model – but not beyond what is recommended by recipe itself!

3. Heat-Resistant Tongs:

For an easy way to handle hot and greasy food, use heat resistant tongs. These sturdy stainless steel tools have silicone heads that protect your fingers while you grip the dishwasher safe basket for handling crispy fried wings or French fries with carefree ease!

4. Food Network Reversible Air Fryer Rack:

A reversible air fryer rack that can double as a cooling rack is the perfect accessory for your kitchen. The dual purpose design ensures an even cooking surface and keeps food from burning or overcooking while you’re waiting around to pull more dishes out of storage!

5. Instant Pot IP Mini Mitts:

Handy silicone mini mitts are a great tool to have for your air fryer. Not only do they make it easier when flipping food with fingers, but using them also keeps you safe from getting burned by hot surfaces inside of the appliance!

6. Air Fryer Liners:

Whether it’s just a quick dinner or the main meal, an air fryer makes cooking so much easier than traditional methods. The holes at the bottom allow circulating airflow that helps food cook evenly and crispy on all sides! If you’re using one make sure to keep your liner in place after preheating by placing this thin metal tray over whatever dish need cooling down before storing away; otherwise everything will fly up into contact with heating element which can cause dangerous sparks.

7. Air Fryer Cooking Times Big Magnets:

This key chart will help you determine the best air fryer temperature for your favorite dishes.

As opposed to using just one type of cooking method, this comprehensive list covers 76 different types and ensures that no matter what dish or food item it is desired make with an oven-like effect can be achieved without compromising taste in any way!

8. Appliance Sliders:

The Handy Caddy is a must for messy kitchens. It can solve the problem of keeping countertops organized and free from clutter while also preventing granite surfaces from being damaged by high-heat air fryers like the one found in your home or business!

The Handy Caddy is a versatile and convenient tool that can be used for so many things. It’s easy to pull out with wheels, it comes in different attractive colors (like blue), the handle makes transport simple as well as its dishwasher safe!

9. Air Fryer Spray Bottles:

Looking for healthier and more accurate recipes? Well, look no further than Evo! With the help of an innovative sprayer that delivers just ¼ teaspoon per trigger pull you can coat your food with pure oils in much less time than it would take with traditional spouts. This allows us to cook multiple dishes at once without worrying about running out before finishing up or wasting ingredients because there will always be enough oil on hand when needed.

I love my spray bottle! It’s the perfect size and has saved me so much time in cooking. I usually buy commercial sprayers but they started fading quickly after a few uses, which is why now that Evo brand ones work just as well for me (and are way cheaper). You can also use them when you don’t have an Air Fryer if they’re good quality since most pots will not damage their protective coating over time from normal wear-n’ tear like what happens with cheap kitchen gadgets.

10. Grill Pan:

The air fryer is a great way to cook food that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with other appliances. The pan has raised edges, which helps you get even Grill marks on smaller items like veggies and meat without slipping through the grates of your grill!

Cleaning up after yourself shouldn’t feel overwhelming either because when it’s all said in done there’s no true difference between using this tool as well-seasoned cast iron club member than simply turning off an open fire pit (and since we know how much more environmentally friendly these things are nowadays).

11. Heat Resistant Surface:

The best way to avoid burning your food is by using a heat resistant surface. I just use my wooden cutting board, but if you have other things in the kitchen that would be burned by an air fryer do not worry because it will still work well with those surfaces too! When cooking with one make sure they’ve included something like silicone resting pads for safety’s sake when pulling out after use so as not damage any of these great pieces.


Conclusion paragraph: The possibilities are endless with the air fryer. It’s a versatile appliance for many recipes and cooking methods, such as roasting vegetables or baking meatballs. You can also make healthy snacks like popcorn or crispy baked french fries using your air fryer! Have you tried any of these accessories? Let us know in the comments section below what combinations have worked well for you and we’ll be happy to share them on our blog.

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By Daisy

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