My Air Fryer is Rusting!! [SOLUTIONS]

The Air fryer is a great kitchen appliance to have in the home. It allows you to cook food, with little or no oil at all, which can help people manage their weight and reduce their risk of illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Plus it saves time on cooking, especially if you are cooking for one or two persons only. The Air Fryer provides various benefits for your Cooking Benefits. However just like any other electronic equipment, they do malfunction or even break down completely when the parts are faulty. Sometimes the Airfryers get rusty over time because of improper care e.g not cleaning the unit after using it every time; allowing water in when washing it, etc… This can cause some problems when using them, but don’t worry; the problems can easily be solved.

What makes the Airfryer Rust?

A lot of people who use their Air fryers say that they fall apart, rust, or break down after a short period of time. What is even worse, sometimes it gets rusty before even using it… Sounds like an expensive purchase it doesn’t work as expected right? Wrong! This does not happen to everyone – but there are risks involved in buying used ones or refurbished models online (to reduce costs).

For example, appliances bought once tend to last longer than those which are bought second-hand (and refurbished) because these have no guarantee and things can go wrong at any moment until you get them home. However, anything can break any time and if this happens within the guarantee period (check your user manual to see if you can claim a replacement or how long is the guarantee) then you will not pay for the repairs/replacement.

1. The Salt Solution:

Some people like to use salt water, vinegar, and lemon juice as an effective method against crevices where germs may hide in order to kill them off. When using those ingredients, make sure they don’t touch other parts inside especially where electrical components such as switches, connectors, etc… may be situated. Water cannot go anywhere else but out of the fryer so it shouldn’t cause big problems (other than the smell of vinegar and lemon all over your house – which is nothing compared to the smell of oil or fat in your house when cooking).

The salt water/vinegar technique is safe when used correctly. The reason why this works is that salt corrodes metal, and it will break down and rust any metal parts inside with time. This can help you clean and unclog difficult areas where food particles may be stuck… but that’s about it! As I mentioned before, using these methods should not cause serious problems with electrical components such as switches, connectors etc…

2. Cleaning Your Air Fryer Safely:

Once you are done washing the fryer, dry it with a clean towel or cloth which will absorb any excess moisture. Then take your Airfryer outside in order to remove all the water you cannot get rid of in the house. After that, you can plug it back in and see if there’s leftover water in it. Sometimes this may cause an unpleasant smell if not removed – but wash again to remove everything, then leave somewhere to dry well before putting away or using it again. Remember: Bleach is bad for food items so don’t use any bleach when cleaning!

3. Another Safe Cleaning Method:

If you want to use a household item to also help your Airfryer stay rust-free, then here’s what you can do: Take some lemon juice or orange juice and using a clean soft cloth, spread it over the entire surface of the Airfryer – inside and out so that no part will be left dry. Once you have done this, leave for a few hours before wiping off any excess food particles with a towel or cloth which absorbs moisture well. You can now wipe down once again with just water to remove the last remaining bits of juice before finally drying it with a clean towel or cloth.

A Few Important Notes:

You can use lemon water to wipe the inside but remember that it is acidic, so don’t let this stay there for too long. According to some people, you can use vinegar water – but I will not recommend this because it’s not as effective as lemon may be especially for really difficult areas… BUT if you are using distilled white vinegar then here’s another tip for you: mix half a cup of vinegar with one cup of tap water and pour it into the fryer. Then leave for at least fifteen minutes or until all parts have soaked before turning on the heat. If unsure about what else to do after soaking, then use the salt and water/vinegar methods!

You should not put paper towels or tissues on electrical parts – but there’s an exception: When cleaning the inside of your fryer after soaking it first with vinegar and water (see above), you can leave a tissue inside to absorb all those liquids left which might cause an unpleasant smell. Once this is done, you can try using another new paper towel or some cloths to wipe dry around the bottom as well as some other places such as hinges etc… but remember that those areas are prone to rusting so be gentle and don’t apply too much pressure.

Important tip: Keep your paper towels dry all times especially when dealing with electrical or mechanical components.

4. Replaceable Parts:

This method may cost a few bucks and is not 100% effective but it will work like magic against germs and bacteria! What you can do is simply purchase replacement parts such as gaskets, seals if available – they are usually very cheap so this may be an investment for the future. Then you should watch some videos on YouTube about how to change them… it’s quite simple which is why I think this option will be good enough for most people who don’t want to perform any complicated or advanced tasks while cleaning their Airfryer. Just keep in mind that these methods require expertise, especially when dealing with electrical components and some other plastic and metal materials inside and outside.

5. Effective Cleaning With A Can Of Air:

If done properly and with the right tools, this may be a very fast and easy method which will allow you to clean your air fryer well if it doesn’t involve any electrical or mechanical components that might be difficult to reach.

Here’s what you should do: Place the fryer upside down on a sheet of paper; then take an air duster (compressed air) and spray inside through all small openings such as buttons etc… The reason why this works is because the compressed air will blow out anything like food particles, dust or even bacteria hiding in those tiny areas! Once this is done, wipe dry again with a soft cloth before turning it back over and wiping down the exterior as per usual.

6. Cleaning With Vinegar And Water:

This is an old but tested method which works like magic especially if you use distilled white vinegar (however apple cider vinegar can be used too). Here’s what you should do: about one cup of water and half a cup of vinegar poured inside and surrounding all components will help you remove any old grease. After about ten minutes, turn the fryer on High for around five minutes or so and then either wipe dry with paper towels or use a dishwasher to clean the rest. Remember that this method is particularly good for oil filters as well as those areas where food particles tend to stick!

7. Hot Water And Baking Soda:

Let’s face it: Whether we like it or not, our Airfryers end up smelling like onion rings (at least most of us do!) – even if we cook something as simple as eggs in them… But here’s what you can do: Pour two cups of really hot water mixed with half a cup of baking soda inside the basket before turning it on for about 30 minutes or until all that foamy mixture is gone – then wipe dry with paper towels.

8. Bleach And Water:

Bleach can be used to remove stains, germs, and bacteria especially around any openings where water might accumulate after cooking stinky foods such as fish! However, make sure you brush your fryer with soap beforehand to avoid creating tiny scratches which may harbor new bacteria or germs in the future!

Pour one-third cup of bleach mixed with two-thirds of hot water inside the basket before switching the fryer on for about half an hour (if possible) – remember not to do this too often though because bleach will wear out your basket over time!

9. Cleaning With Lemon And Salt:

Lemon juice mixed with salt is one of the best cleaning agents around! Just place lemon slices inside your Airfryer and add two tablespoons of salt before turning it on for about 5 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit – then wipe dry all surfaces with paper towels. You can use this method once or twice a month to keep your fryer sparkling clean… However, if you notice that things are getting really grimy after cooking stinky food, try using any one of these methods listed above instead!

10. Clean The Filter:

Some air fryers come with filters which get clogged up very easily especially after using them to cook something like fish so here’s what you should do: Remove the filter and soak it in warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid (about 10 drops) for about 15 minutes before scrubbing well with a steel brush – this is the best way to clean delicate filters especially if they are made from mesh or aluminum foil.

11. Dryer Sheets:

I love using dryer sheets to polish stainless steel appliances or anything made from metal after giving it that beautiful shine – this method is perfect for fryers which have mesh baskets as well as heating elements with many nooks and crannies! Just use two dryer sheets to remove all stains before wiping dry surfaces with any one of these microfiber towels. You can also keep your Airfryer smelling fresh by adding 5 drops of pure essential oil inside the oven cavity before switching on for about half an hour – lemon and lavender oil work the best in my experience and you won’t notice that fresh, citrus scent when you switch on your fryer either!

12. Baking Soda:

This method has been used by many people who find vinegar too acidic and abrasive but here’s what you should remember: Try not to let your Airfryer sit on baking soda for too long because it can cause strange, unappetizing tastes as well as discolor metal surfaces over time! However if you notice that food particles stick onto any part of your fryer, try using a soft cloth dipped in baking soda and warm water to remove all stains before wiping dry with a damp cloth.

13. Cleaning Stone Countertops:

If you have a countertop made from stone such as marble or granite which is stained after cooking stinky foods such as fish then try this amazing trick: Just pour equal parts of vinegar and water over the stained area before scrubbing using a sponge – make sure to rinse with water several times before patting dry with paper towels. However, if there are stubborn stains in crevices, use a toothbrush to agitate which should lift stains after soaking for at least 15 minutes! After cleaning, protect your countertop by applying car wax or furniture polish to retain that beautiful shine.

14. Cleaning Enameled Cast Iron:

This method shouldn’t be used on any pots or pans which are more than 50 years old because enamel can chip off easily – however if you have new cast iron cookware, try using equal parts of salt with lemon juice before scrubbing using a steel scouring pad! Rinse your pot thoroughly before drying with paper towels and adding a thin coat of oil (olive is good) to protect it from rusting over time. However, if your pot is stainless steel instead then follow this guide for cleaning nonstick pans. If your Airfryer basket has moved locations by now, make sure to clean it as well because food particles and grease can make it sticky over time.

15. Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances:

This is one of the cheapest methods because all you need are two materials which should already be in your kitchen plus a clean cloth or paper towel! Just combine equal parts of vinegar with lemon juice before soaking your dishcloth in the mixture, wringing out excess liquid so that cloth is just damp then wiping down stainless steel appliances while avoiding rubber seals.

You can also use baking soda for stubborn stains by applying directly to the affected area then letting sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing using a damp cloth. Remember to rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning then buff dry with another soft cotton/microfiber cloth – try not to let the air hit the surface for too long as air can leave watermarks.

16. Cleaning Stovetops:

This is also one of the cheapest methods because all you need are two materials which should already be in your kitchen plus a clean cloth or paper towel! Just combine equal parts of salt with lemon juice before scrubbing using a soft bristle brush/sponge to remove stains leftover from cooking – remember to avoid rubber seals! After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with warm water then dry using another soft cotton/microfiber cloth.

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