How to Cook Steak in an Air Fryer

Cooking a perfect steak can be an intense process. You have the daunting task of searing it and not overcooking, which is easier said than done with today’s busy lifestyles in mind. What if I told you that your air fryer could take all this stress away? It really does! With the help of just one appliance, cooking delicious steaks like these has never been so easy or convenient for any cookout there to make at home! 

But don’t forget about our herb butter – while by no means mandatory, it will surely add some flavor and gourmet taste to what would otherwise be plain old boring meat on a plate (or frying pan).

When it’s late at night and you’re craving a steak, your air fryer is the perfect solution. Whether you like ribeye or something else, just be sure to adjust cooking time as needed for thinner cuts of meat!

In an air fryer, how long does it take to cook a steak? 

The best way to cook steak in an air fryer is not a straightforward process, and it varies wildly depending on the model. For example, we found that 7-9 minutes for medium-rare was too short of time with some models. It’s important to know how long your specific device takes before you start cooking as there are no set times across different brands and models!

The best way to know when your steak is finished cooking, and that it has reached a food-safe temperature for eating, is by using this thermometer. It will tell you as soon as the meat reaches the right level of doneness so then all you have left to do is cut into it! The thicker cuts require more time in order to cook thoroughly.

The perfect tool for determining if your beef or pork dish are cooked through enough–both with perfectly tender texture!–is checking its internal temperature before cutting open any piece of meat just long enough after taking out from the oven; though some might say we should wait five minutes onto let our meal rest but I disagree since waiting would only be prolonging what’s inevitable anyway: 

Some instructions:

To prep, the steak, rub it with olive oil and sprinkle it generously with salt and pepper. After giving your seasoned meat a chance to warm up at room temperature for about 15 minutes, place all of these ingredients in an air fryer set at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 minutes. Check back often!

Some people find it difficult to cook the meat just right. This is why many homeowners prefer frying food since they can set the temperature and time for their desired results. But if you don’t have an outdoor grill or a stovetop in your kitchen, there are still other options – like using an electric cooking device such as an Air Fryer! Follow these steps below of how to properly use one: Preheat your Air Fryer at 400° F; let it preheat for about three minutes before moving on with this process. 

For the perfect steak, use an air fryer to make cooking a breeze. Cook the steak for 7-9 minutes in your air fryer basket if you want it medium-rare or 10-14 minutes for a well-done piece of meat and be sure to flip halfway through! Let rest before slicing into perfectly cooked strips.

steaks in air fryer

Preheating is also important:

Preheating an air fryer is a key step for any fast-cooking oil-coated recipe. The Preheat mode on the Air Fryer Plus reduces the cooking time of steak by up to 50% and it also makes sure your appliance stays at temp throughout all phases of operation, so you don’t have to wait around waiting for things like French fries or chicken wings! You threw some oil coated garlic cloves into your basket while pre-heating (and frying) your steaks and they came out roasted perfectly with gooey centers.


One way to make your steak more flavorful is by adding a light coating of butter before you cook it. The butter will give the meat an extra boost in flavor and moisten up what would have been dry, tasteless steaks after being cooked for too long at high heat. 


To create the perfect steak, you’ll need Garlic Butter. Mix butter, parsley garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and salt together until thoroughly combined then roll it into a log-in parchment paper to store in your fridge.

Once the day of cooking has come around remove from the refrigerator an hour before steaks are cooked so they can reach room temperature for 20 minutes while being rubbed with olive oil on both sides as well as seasoned with salt and black pepper sprinkled all over them.

Once at 400 degrees Fahrenheit preheat your air fryer basket by rubbing some fresh ground spices onto each side of the pan; this will allow any juice or fat content that falls during the cooking time not to cling to those parts making clean up easier when finished!

What’s the best way to cook steak in an air fryer?

For each strip loin, I will trim off about 1/4 inch of fat and remove any pockets of sinew. If you’re cooking a rib-eye or T-Bone that has thicker cuts, then just reduce your allotted time by 2 minutes per side. Air frying is perfect for thin steaks like Filet Mignon because it cooks evenly but doesn’t dry out as much due to its lower quantity of connective tissue next to muscle fibers. It also helps avoid flare-ups since there are no oils involved during cooking!

Steaks are not just for BBQs. You can also cook them in your kitchen without flipping, which is a much easier process to do! Cooking both sides of the steak will result in uneven color and texture, but cooking on one side only gives you delicious caramelization on top. Your choice!

Steaks aren’t just for grilling outside; they can be cooked inside with no need to flip-flop back and forth between sides – it’s so easy that way!!! If you flip steaks while cooking indoors or outdoors then this results in an even surface across the entire piece of meat rather than highlights at certain points (wherever there was some oil from marinating).


Sirloin steak                       1 pound ( 1 inch thick )

Butter                                  4tbsp 

Black pepper                       ½ tbsp

Chopped parsley                 1 tbsp   

Chopped chives                   1 tbsp  

Crushed red pepper flakes   ¼ tbsp 

Small clove garlic                  1 

Salt to taste 


Preparing meat before cooking is vital to producing a delicious and tender steak. One way of doing this is by putting salt on the steaks, flipping them every 12 hours or so, blotting off any liquid with paper towels that form as they refrigerate for 3 days.

The salty pork chops will become tasty and soft after being air fried for 6 minutes in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit while brushed with olive oil then seasoned beforehand according to taste preference using garlic pepper seasoning mix sprinkled over both sides of each chop along with freshly ground black peppercorn mixed into 1 tablespoon butter melted together until combined well enough without separating when adding some honey mustard barbecue sauce which contains apple cider vinegar blended properly so there are no chunks left behind from mixing all those ingredients

How many steaks can you cook in your air fryer? 

Well, it all depends on the size and make of your machine. Some people say a few more than two is possible with racks – but don’t forget to check whether or not this might void any warranty agreements first!

Important Note:

When cooking for a big group of people, it’s important to keep steaks from overcrowding the Air Fryer. Don’t cook more than two at once in this case, and if you’re not using an already-heated cooker set your timer so that half is done by the end! Remember to shake or flip foods periodically as directed in the recipe

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