How to cook Mozzarella sticks in an air fryer?

Air frying is a great cooking method when you are in need of something crispy and crunchy. One tip that every air fryer needs to remember, however, is this: never overlap your food! If the pieces touch each other while they’re being cooked then it can’t get brown or crisp up properly.

I have always been a little different. I was not content with the standard kids’ menu options like hot dogs, chicken fingers, and breaded cheese sticks at my elementary school cafeteria. 

Instead, when given an option to order off of the adult menu for lunch in high school or college dining halls (catering more towards adults), it pleased me greatly whenever they had lobster tails on special as well as other dishes that were out of reach from our freezer back home such as Welsh rarebit sandwiches or chops sirloin steak with gravy and creamed spinach side dish served alongside them instead. My siblings thought this made me nuts but now I am stuck feeding children who are much younger than myself every day during their lunches!

My kids are always hungry for some lunch, but it can be hard running around and making a healthy meal. That’s why I love air fryer frozen mozzarella sticks! They’re easy to make in the morning before work or during my children’s nap time when they come home from school. All you need is your favorite breading mix (they sell them at any grocery store!), an egg wash with milk, water, salt, and pepper – about two cups of oil works well too-and then just put all that goodness into these little tasty treats!


Olive oil      1 tbsp

Garlic clove  2

Dried oregano   ½ tbsp

Dried basil      ½ tbsp

Tomato sauce    1 can (15 ounces) 

Salt to taste     ¼ tbsp

Pepper sauce   (optional) 


Frozen cheese sticks are the perfect snack to have around. 

You can cook them in an air fryer, but they don’t need any oil or spray because that will just make them greasy and not good for you. Just put your frozen mozzarella sticks into a large enough basket so there’s plenty of room between each one (spread out evenly). 

The best time to do this is when you’re cooking something else too like chicken wings or french fries which both take about 10 minutes per batch at 380 degrees Fahrenheit/193 Celsius.

In only 5-6 minutes, these tasty little bites o’ sublime dairy goodness with be perfectly cooked and ready! Make sure you let them cool before eating since those hot temps could burn some tongue hairs right


I was curious to see how the different cheeses would change these classic snacks. The mozzarella sticks that I made with regular cheese were rich and creamy, while low-fat ones just didn’t have as much flavor for my taste buds. I found a way to make this decadent appetizer even more sinful: add cheddar!

If you want fries with a crispy and golden exterior, it’s imperative that they are frozen before air frying. If the potatoes have any water on them at all when cooked in hot oil, this will cause little pockets of moisture to form inside which can make for uneven cooking or even potentially fall right off.

With a little bit of oil, your french fries will be crispy and flavorful. Before frying in the air fryer basket, coat it with non-stick spray to prevent sticking while cooking.


Kids will love these mozzarella cheese sticks. They’re easy to make and quick too! All you need is frozen mozzarella sticks, a deep fryer, or an air fryer for cooking the snacks into crispy perfection. 

Simply heat up your oil until it’s just before boiling, then toss in each stick individually after seasoning with salt and pepper to taste – careful not to overcrowd them as they cook quickly at high temperatures! Serve on their own or alongside some honey mustard dip (or ketchup) so guests can enjoy every last bite without breaking any teeth

Kids have been craving something savory lately that didn’t come out of a box? You know what we mean—the kind where all someone has done is take whatever was already. 

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By Daisy

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