How to Cook Bacon in Air Fryer?

The air fryer is the latest craze in kitchen appliances. It’s hard to find an article on how to cook bacon that doesn’t mention it, and for good reason! The air fryer is perfect for cooking bacon because it cooks quickly with little or no oil, and the results are crispy perfection!

Bacon is a breakfast favorite. The crisp texture and savory flavor make it perfect for sandwiches, salads, or as a side dish. But cooking bacon in the oven can be tricky, too much heat will turn your crispy strips into chewy knots. If you’re looking for an alternative to cooking bacon the old-fashioned way, try using an air fryer! Air fryers are designed to cook food quickly with little fat, and they do wonders when it comes to making delicious bacon! 

In this blog post, I’ll show you how simple it is to cook crispy bacon in your air fryer at home.

How long should you cook bacon in an air fryer?

Generally, you should cook bacon in an air fryer for about 12 minutes to ensure that the fat is fully rendered. For crispier bacon, we recommend cooking it for 15-20 minutes.

This will depend on your desired level of doneness and thickness of the cut. The thicker the cut and more cooked you want them, then increase this time accordingly.

Is it safe to cook bacon in an air fryer?

Yes, it is safe to cook bacon in an air fryer. You can rest assured that the cooking process will not cause any smoke or fire hazards.

This is because there are no open flames and the heat produced by this type of appliance is at a lower temperature than other methods such as stove-top frying pans or ovens.

You should also note that some people may have unwanted reactions due to meat products containing nitrites. If you are one of these individuals then don’t continue reading.

Why is EVERYONE obsessing over air fryers?

People are obsessing over air fryers because they can cook many different kinds of foods in a short amount of time without the need for any oil or fat.

Air-fried food is also healthier than most other fast cooking methods as it contains much less saturated and trans fats, which have been linked to diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Moreover, fried food usually has very high levels of sodium that contribute to hypertension, obesity and cardiovascular problems like stroke. If you decrease your overall consumption then this will help reduce these risks.

Insider Tip: if you want crispy bacon with some added flavor – try adding anything from sugar to salt.

Air Fryer Bacon Recipe:

I had finally mastered how to make bacon. It’s so easy, I promise! So the first step is you take out your oven and turn it on 400 degrees for ten minutes or until fully heated up. Then arrange a dozen slices of Trader Joe’s Bacon in the basket with two folds (just enough to keep everything snugly together). The next thing is cook time: 10-11 minutes usually does well but feel free to peek half way through at what needs re-arranging if needed. And then last after cooking give it an extra minute just because I like my bacon EXTRA crispy 😉

After I made some bacon, I was so impressed. Some people might say they’re not a big fan of pork because it’s fatty and greasy but after cooking this way the grease all drains off! The outside is crispy with an inside that just melts in your mouth-outsides are dark while still being chewy on the sides.

Bacon air fryer temperature and time:

Air fryer bacon is a lot like pan frying, oven baking or microwaving but you have to be aware of the temperature and time.

  • For standard cooking (general use) in an air Fryer set at 390F for 11 minutes with one slice of bacon
  • If your using frozen Bacon 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes will do well on medium power
  • High power 375 F heat setting can cook up quicker around nine minutes depending on how many slices are being fried. This is perfect if you don’t want the outside getting over done while just starting out. Again, feel free to peek half way through and make sure everything’s where it needs to be!

How to prevent air fryer from smoking?

Many people have found that their air fryer is smoking during the cooking process. This can be a huge inconvenience and they are wondering how to prevent it from happening. Cooking bacon in an air fryer will typically cause smoke, but there are some ways you can help reduce or eliminate this problem:

Make sure your pan is made of cast iron instead of other material. Cast iron is able to withstand high heat much better than other types of materials such as stainless steel or glassware. The reason for the increased risk with these materials is because they tend to get hot faster which means more surface area being exposed, meaning higher chance for those surfaces getting too hot and smoking up your kitchen!

Conclusion paragraph: Air fryers are a more efficient and healthier way to cook bacon, but they do require some special consideration. Bacon air fryer temperature and time is important for achieving the perfect crispy texture without burning or overcooking your food. Make sure you don’t fill up the basket with too many pieces of bacon so it doesn’t overheat and smoke out of the top vent while cooking – that’s not good! Keep an eye on it as well to make sure there isn’t any black charring happening around the edges. If this happens, take them out immediately before they burn completely.

You should also try to cook bacon in an air fryer on a wire rack or using aluminum foil so the grease can drip down and away from your food. Frozen bacon in an air fryer is possible, but make sure you end up cooking them for more than 30 minutes since they take longer to heat through. Just remember these tips when frying that perfect batch of bacons, plus don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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