Air Fryer vs Convection Microwave-Which is Better

Everyone nowadays likes delicious tastes and wants to cook in a short time. So to fulfill the users cooking requirements many kitchen accessories come with different functions and features. These devices allow you to cook healthy and tasteful food and offer crisps and roasted food easily and fastly

In this article, we briefly explain the difference and functions of both air fryer and microwave convection. This will provide you a better idea of which device is better for you.

What is an Air Fryer and How Does It Work?

An air fryer is a kitchen device that allows you to make fried foods like fries, chips, meat, etc. It uses the hot air to cook food. This device has a basket when you put the food in the basket and turn on the air fryer then the hot air start to circulates around the food. This air draws out the moisture from foods, and as a result, you can get crunchy and crispy food.

Air fryer offer healthier cooked foods required less oil,so you can get calories free food. You can cook tasty foods like french fries, chicken wings, and many more other things with the help of an air fryer. Due to the small chamber, it cooks instantly and fastly.It is versatile and very easy to use.

The main drawback of an air fryer is that you can not put soft, wet food in the air fryer. Due to little capacity, it allows cooking a small amount at a time. You can divide the cooking procedure into small batches, and one batch can take 30 minutes to cook food.

What is Microwave and How Does It Work?

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves to heat the molecules of the food. The waves have 2450 megahertz that offer efficient and fast cooking. So microwave can be used to cook and reheat food. It provides a various range of cooking experience. 

Through the microwave, you can boil water, milk and also make tea and coffee. Food cooked in a microwave is delicious and free of health risk elements. Microwave allows you to cook easily for a large size family.

Air Fryer vs Convection Microwave Technology

Air Fryer vs Convection Microwave

Both cooking accessories work with hot air technology. The convection microwave has an extra heating element powerful fan that circulates hot air, which allows you instant and fast-cooked food. A convection microwave is considered a great home kitchen device and best for roasting meats, baking casseroles, roast vegetables, and crunchy cookies.

Air fryers use rapid air technology to cook food in the same way as the convection microwave does. It also has a fan that produces hot air, this air circulates the food and prepares crispy food. The use of an air fryer is very reliable and simple, you can make french fries, crispy chips fried pickles by adding a little bit of oil. It is small in size and offers calories-free food.

Can an Air Fryer be a Convection Microwave?

The main difference between convection microwave and air fry is the size and capacity. Although the convection microwave and air fryer both use a fan to circulate hot air around the food, the convection microwave has the capacity and space to prepare a large amount of food at the same time. So, an air fryer can do less than a convection microwave does.

But despite this, an air fryer can cook food a little quicker due to its small chamber and rapid circulation of air.

Which is Better Air Fryer and Convection Microwave

Both the air fryer and the convection microwave uses air circulation to cook food to provide a healthy and calories free cooking experience, in the case of an air fryer you need no oil to cook.

Convection microwave has two functions one is a microwave and the other convection and offers you roast food as well as heating them. It is very reliable and versatile and considers a great choice for kitchens.

Air fryers provide limited cooking facilities as compared to the convection microwave. It does not allow you to cook food for a large family size. So the convection microwave is better than the air fryer because it comes with dual functions like microwave and convection and has versatility.

Difference Between Air Fryer and Microwave

Nowadays, there’s a multitude of kitchen gadgets that offer delicious meals. Microwave and air fryer are one of them. A microwave uses microwaves to cook food while an air fryer uses a heating coil and consider better than the microwave. 

With an air fryer and the microwave, you can cook plenty of dishes fastly. Thus we are here to discuss some detail of these gadgets. And you will understand which is better for you.

Major Difference

One major difference between these two devices is their heating method. The air fryer uses hot air to cook food, it has a fan that circulates the air in the chamber. while microwave cook and heat food with the help of electromagnetic waves. These microwaves vibrate the food molecules at high frequency and those vibrations produce heat.

Quality in Terms of Electricity

Air fryer needs a little time to achieve the exact temperature for cooking as compared to the microwave. An air fryer is considered the most efficient cooking appliance because it does not consume a lot of energy for cooking. You can get your desired cooking by consuming energy between 1200 to 1500 watts.

While microwave consumes 1200 watts for a period of about 30 minutes of cooking. And use 2-7 watts extra when you kept on standby mode. So the air fryer is considered to the low energy efficient than the microwave.

Capacity For Cooking

The size of the cooking gadgets is also important. Air fryers are lightweight and very easy to use. Due to its compact design, it is very easy to store. but as compared to the microwave they have not much cooking capacity. The microwave offers cooking for a lot of people at once.

Which Cooking Appliance is Healthy?

Air fryers are considered healthy as compared to the microwave because they required no oil to cook. While in the microwave case you require a little oil to cook food. So the air fryers are considered the healthier option.


The air fryer can not make food with wet batter, can not boil milk or water, while the microwave can do this in a better way. So we can say that the microwave is a more versatile and adaptable kitchen appliance.

Which is better: an Air Fryer or a Microwave?

Both the appliance air fryer and the microwave are important for your cooking requirements(1). They offer a delicious taste and save your time. Both have significant features and functions and offer healthier food without struggle. However, to decide which is better for you depend on your choice and your cooking food desired.


Both microwave convection and air fryers are considered modern kitchen devices that make our lives comfortable and enjoyable. You can make quality dishes at home. Simply we can say that if your microwave includes convection then you don’t require an air fryer. You can get crispy cooking with microwave convection.

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