Air fryer oven vs Air fryer basket!

When it comes to what type of air fryer you should buy, the options are pretty diverse. The oven-style is great for cooking large quantities and better at dehydrating food due its larger size while a basket style will suit someone with a smaller kitchen who wants easy storage or portability as well many features that can make life easier on cluttered countertops in tight spaces like reaching back into an overhead cabinet often when looking for something else than where your face was resting before realizing “Hey! There’s my frying pan.”

To give a short answer first: Generally speaking – OVEN STYLE vs Basket/Cupboard styles vary primarily depending upon if one has limited space available (less), whether they wish their appliance could help alleviate potential clutter in their kitchen (less), and what one is looking for in terms of features (more). At the end of the day, it’s really your decision.

So we will lay out our top reasons why individual customers may prefer basket or oven styles when deciding between them to add into their lives.

Oven Style Air Fryers:

As you can guess from its name – Oven style air fryers are built to look like a small oven with room inside to place baskets for cooking much like frying pans that are placed on top of your stove at home. The heat comes from all sides either via convection or infrared depending upon the top model of this type on offer. Because they’re basically mini-ovens, they’re great for cooking large quantities and dehydrating food more effectively than smaller capacity air fryers that sit on countertops. Because there is no basket or cupboard, this appliance takes up a lot of space and needs to remain plugged in at all times and not be carried around with you unless you wish to unplug it every time you want to move it even across the kitchen!

Oven style air fryers are great for people with limited space available (less) who want an appliance that won’t clutter their kitchen (less) because they do not use baskets like traditional ovens currently do.

Basket Style Air Fryers:

On the flip side we have Basket styled air fryers that use a closed container (of varying sizes) for cooking that you place into the air fryer itself. This works like your blender or food processor and makes it super easy to get your food in and out of them without lifting a lid and losing heat while giving you much more control over how things cook than oven-style models.

Basket style air fryers also feature additional features such as having multiple racks so you can cook several things at once or removing baskets so you can use the basketless option when dehydrating large sauces or marinating meats.

Frying pans, overall, take up less space than baking dishes – especially if they’re not nesting with other items in one’s cupboard. Basket style air fry are great for people who have cluttered kitchen countertops (less) who wish to utilize their air fryer for more than just cooking delicious treats or meat.

Basket style air fryers are also great for people with limited space available (less) who want an appliance that will help them overcome cluttered kitchen countertops (more).


Ultimately, this is your decision and the only way you can really know what you’re looking for in terms of features or design is to take a look at our recommendations on which models offer these things! At the end of the day, both oven & basket styles offer similar results – it’s more about how you like to cook and organize your home outside of using it as another appliance. We hope all this information helps you in your decision!

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By Daisy

Daisy is a food blogger and home renovator with 5 years of experience, She's the one to ask for ideas on what products are worth using in your kitchen and home improvement. Being an Electrical engineer and mother of two wonderful kids, i developed interest in reviewing baby care products and gadgets.

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