What height should I cut my grass?

All the homeowners usually are seen to be prone to having greenery around their places. So the grass is the first and foremost being you get to find in the gardens. This is a very common question among most of them that at what height should we cut the grass or what height of the grass is good for healthy and lush greenery.

The rule of thumb to cut the grass

There are a lot of assumptions regarding grass cutting, as the rule of thumb to mow the grass is at the height of 2 ½ inches if it is a cool-season grass. You need to mow 1/3 of about the blade of the grass. This was the rule we generally follow to maintain the desired height of the grass.

Variations among different kinds of turfs

However, the height of the grass when it completely gets ready to mow is different for different types of grass. So it is a myth regarding grass mowing height. There is no such height to mow rather keep in your mind that mowing too long grass gets difficult and mowing grass too short can lead to drought, insect invasion, and heat.

Cool-season turf

If the grass is cool-seasoned which usually undergirds Kentucky and fescues, it grows comparatively fast when it is cold outside and the suitable height for that to mow is 2 ½ and its height ranges from 1 to 4 inches.

Warm-season turf

In case the grass is warm-seasoned, which includes, Bermuda and Zoysia, these grow when it is hot outside. The optimum height for it to mow is 0.75 to 3 inches. The typical height of warm-seasoned grass has is 1 to 3 inches.

Ways to achieve healthy and lush grass

If you want your grass to be healthy and lush, try to grow it taller and avoid removing the blade frequently. You need to be careful about the season of the grass and the season out where you are living. The temperature is the main factor upon which the height of the grass depends.

Likelihood of insect invasion and drought

The short height grass is likely to get attacked by the insects and become prey to drought so do not cut it too short. Set your mowing machine to a limit and the grass should be cut alike throughout. The uniformity provides a good effect and the ambiance to your garden.

Professional aid in gardening

Since gardening is the most important factor in maintaining the greenery around you? You can take the help of professional Gardeners. This is beneficial in a way that gardeners are attuned to all handle all kinds of grass. So you need not worry about the position of the grass.  Along with the grass, it is also important to have a look at all the other plants as well.

Your choice of turf matters

The overall impression of the garden seems to be pleasant when things are the way they should be. You can choose the grass of your choice depending upon the space you have for it. If you are having the space too small, it would not be good to have the grass which grows fast in the stride of its season.

Adaptations warm-seasoned turf has

The warm-seasoned grass usually has the adaptation to cope with the drought conditions so they tend to have deep roots. So it is better to grow this kind of grass around the pool or some fountain area so that it could manage to maintain the color and health.

It grows faster similarly. However, to maintain a balance in terms of height mow 1/3 of its total height. This is the best height for most kinds of grass.

Different types of warm-seasoned grass

The centipede is a warm-seasoned grass and its height ranges from 1 to 2.5 inches. It grows gradually and you don’t need to mow it frequently. The same is the case with Kikuyu grass, its height ranges from 1 to 1.5 inches. So it is not necessary to cut the frequently as their height already is comparatively small.

Different types of Cool-seasoned grass

It is seen that the height of the cool-seasoned grass is long as compared to warm-seasoned grass. Fine fescue has a height of 1.5 to 4 inches and near to it is Kentucky bluegrass ranges from 0.75 to 3.5. The cool seasoned grass grows comparatively fast. So it needs to be mowed soon after the prior one.

Sensitiveness towards temperature

Plants are usually sensitive towards the season and temperature around them. You need to take care of it as well. In the summer season, there are a lot of rains throughout the season of monsoon, this season is equally harmful to the grass as the condition of drought is.

How is rain for the grass?

For the warm-season grass, rain proves to be healthy as they grow rapidly. But the cool-season grass is not well-equipped for the rain. Most parts of the world have the winter remains to be extremely cold with a dry atmosphere.

In such cases, grass fails to maintain the balance and faces drought. It is not necessary to mow the grass as it is already prone to drought in such conditions.

The grass is drought conditions

In summers, the conditions are even worse, the drought gets prolonged due to heat. Plants usually face the condition of lack of water and it deteriorates their being. The baldness could be seen every in the extreme summer and in extreme cold as well.

The health of the grass

If the grass does not grow to the limit it is supposed to, water it. This might be the possibility that it is facing a water shortage in reality. So keep your side safe by watering it and providing it with the condition, suitable for it and it could be done by choosing the required kind of grass. Choose according to the season of your country.

Final comments

Summing it all up, there is no proper or hard and fast rule to mow the grass, it depends solely on the type of grass you are having. The average height of the grass is 2 ½ and the mowing range is 1/3 of it.

Cutting the grass too short is harmful as it gets likely to be attacked by the insects and too long grass is difficult to mow down with the machine. So keep things moderate and it will consequently give a healthy and green environment.

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