Best Walk-Behind Brush Cutters in 2022 | Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you have a long, natural grassy area that needs to be cut? Are you tired of using your gas-powered lawnmower for this chore? Then you should switch to brush cutters! A walk-behind brush cutter is a machine that has been designed to cut through low-lying bushes or plants without having to use heavy machineries like a tractor or large backhoe. They are also great at clearing out weeds from anywhere on your property, whether it’s in your garden, driveway, yard, etc., so they can be used year-round with little effort required on behalf of the operator.

At a Glance:

Walk-behind brush cutters are also perfect for cutting longer grasses and weeds because they don’t require any electricity or fuel. These machines can be powered by either an electric motor or gasoline engine and are great for areas with access limitations like steep hillsides or narrow pathways.

With that said, finding the right one might take some time so we put together a list of what features to look out for when shopping around: blade size, power source type, weight capacity, and more. We’ll tell you how to find the best walk-behind brush cutter based on our research and personal use. So, read on if you are interested in buying the best walk-behind brush cutters of all time!

Our Recommendations for Best Walk-Behind Brush Cutters

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Budget PickSwisher Walk Behind Cut Mower
Check Price
Staff PickWalk-Behind Rough Cut Mower
Check Price
Best PickEarthquake Walk-Behind Landscape
Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower
Check Price
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment
Check Price
Budget Pick

Swisher Walk Behind Cut Mower


  • The 11.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine quality is a great choice for those who need the power and utility of an industrial-sized machine to get large or tough jobs done as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • The perfect mower for small to medium lawns. It has an easy-to-use fast 24 in deck and a very lightweight design, which makes it safe enough even for smaller children or pets!
  • This mower is great for those having smaller lawns! It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it safe enough even for younger children or pets.
  • This car has 4 speeds that you can use to go backward or forwards.
  • The friendly voice of the operator gives you power over your blade
  • slicer and shredder.

Our first and one of the most spectacular brush cutters is the Swisher WB11524BS predator. This is the best brush cutter for quick clean-ups and small yards. The 11.5 HP Briggs and Stratton gasoline motor powers this walk behind lawn care machine, with a 24-inch deck that makes it easy to get around your garden or yard quickly without having to stop too often you won’t find any other residential professional-grade want at such an affordable price on the market today!


  • Impeccable 11.5 HP engine
  • Can be transmitted to 4-speed
  • Affordable with high quality
  • Convenient and maneuverable


  • The instruction manual is a little complicated to read.
Staff Pick

Walk-Behind Rough Cut Mower


  • The wide cutting height range between 3 and 4 1/2 inches means there won’t be much time spent changing around heights when switching terrains either – just switch up.
  • The improved gear shift access on the handlebars will allow you to have better control of your machine!
  • This engine has a power output of 11.5 HP (344cc) and can be started with the recoil starter.
  • The Self-propelled 4 Speed with Reverse is a great option for people looking to take their outdoor activities up another notch.
  • The adjustable height handlebar is a great way to get friends or family on the bike with you without adding any additional cost.
  • The cutting height range of 3-4.75 in is perfect for keeping your lawn looking healthy and green without sacrificing the aesthetic

The Swisher Walk Behind Brush Hog is the perfect mower for tough terrain. Its 11.5 horsepower engine will power through anything with its 344cc displacement and the bullet-proof start of the engine by using a manual recoil so you’ll never have to worry about starting your machine again! The 4-speed transmission in this brush cutter makes it easy to match the ground conditions whether they’re flat or hilly, while also giving you an option for backing out if necessary – all at speeds that work best on any surface type! Still confusion? Let me tell you more:


  • You can easily reach the controls.
  • Many ranges of height.
  • Convenient to maneuver


  • The Manual is confusing to read.
Best Pick

Earthquake Walk-Behind Landscape


  • If you want a powerful, flexible blade that can get the job done then look no further than our 79cc Viper Engine edger. With 3400 RPMs and 9″ of spring steel this machine has all the power to tackle any task from lawn edges to trenching – it’s versatile enough even for electric fence installation or cable runs in your garage!
  • No worries about changing the blade’s angle again! With its multi-position pivoting head, you can adjust it at 5 different angles. You’re a pro at edging with MUTI-ANGLE CUTTING.
  • Cut through your grass with ease and efficiency thanks to the 4-wheeled design of our precision lines. The 90-degree angle option will cut easily through standard blade grass while choosing between angles 70, 80, 100, or 110 degrees depending on what type of lawn you have can give a clean edge when dealing with creeping or tuberous blades.
  • The FLEXIBLE DEPTH CONTROL system allows you to choose the depth of cut on a full range, from 0.5 inches up to 3.5 inches!
  • The Debris Guard and Tool Holder are a new way to keep your hands clean while you’re working.
  • Who says customer service is dead? Earthquake backs their Edger with a 5-year limited warranty and US-based support.

It’s not often that a landscaper looks at the Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger brush cutter with wide eyes. But when we saw it, our mouths dropped to the floor in awe! Its bright red color is enough of an eye-catcher, but add on its unique design for one heck of a lawn edging machine.


  • The sharp blades make cutting effortless.
  • The design is attachment-friendly.
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Pivoting head for easier cutting.


  • Engine quality is poor.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower


  • The 3-in-1 function of this mower is one for the books. Why settle on just one when you can have them all?
  • This feed system is great for larger properties. You’ll never have to stop and bump again.
  • The Power drive transmission is great for preventing bogging down. Cutting heights: 1.6 2.4 inches
  • With the variable deck height and pivoting handle, this electric trimmer can be used by more than one person without any problem. It changes so quickly at 60% in 2 hours!
  • It even has 2 batteries that you can use for an extended run time.

The 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, Trimmer, and Edger from Black+Decker is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for an alternative to their lawnmowers. The machine acts as both a trimmer or edger and mows your grass all in one go! With this budget buy you get three functions with just one purchase – plus it comes equipped with adjustable height capabilities which make cutting easy no matter how tall your plants are growing.


  • It has an extra battery
  • Does not have any noise
  • Can be cleaned very easily


  • Does not have a grass clipping system.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment


  • The best part about this model? The affordable price point makes it worth every penny (or cent) spent when considering how much labor will be saved by having one of these machines at home.
  • The recoil of this rifle is easy to control, thanks to the gradual start-up with low-pressure fuel delivery.
  • This small, easy-to-handle trimmer head is perfect for getting hard-to-reach areas. (Quad 0.155″ diameter line trimmer head)
  • The 12″ wheels will help you more easily maneuver around any obstacles in your path.
  • This folding grip handle is excellent for comfort and storage while moving.
  • The 22 inch Cutting Swath is great for large yards and acres.

The Southland walk-behind brush cutter is the perfect tool for clearing brambles, long grass and other rugged garden debrides around your property. You get a 150cc gas-powered engine pushing out 5.75 ft/lbs of torque, making it easy to slice through even the toughest weeds that grow in your backyard or on an overgrown estate! It’s also lightweight enough so you can handle any job yourself without needing help from another person – saving time and money while getting things done quickly!


  • Great for professional landscapers
  • It has a 17-inch cutting swath
  • Cuts smoothly


  • Heavy to maneuver

Summary for Best Walk-Behind Brush Cutters

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Budget PickSwisher Walk Behind Cut Mower
Check Price
Staff PickWalk-Behind Rough Cut Mower
Check Price
Best PickEarthquake Walk-Behind Landscape
Check Price
BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower
Check Price
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment
Check Price

Buying Guide of Best Walk Behind Brush Cutters

A brush cutter is a great tool for clearing vegetation in diverse terrains. It’s better than only cutting grass, it can cut through crops and other dense plants as well! If you need heavy-duty work done like cleaning up fields or thicker growths of weeds on your property, opt for a walk-behind brush cutter instead of the best handheld one. Electric weed eaters are nice when light to medium jobs come about but if your land needs more upkeep then go with corded electric ones that don’t require gas engines- they’re safer too.

There are some crucial factors that you might want to look into while looking for a brush cutter.


When you’re looking for a brush cutter, the output tone of voice should be friendly. There are two things to keep in mind when evaluating one; its horsepower and engine displacement. The latter is correlated with higher power but not always so: engines that have a high displacement tend to last longer than smaller ones because more moving parts wear out faster as well as better cooling systems due to their size typically being larger than those found on small engines (although this may vary depending on your type).

Additionally, lower-powered machines will often indicate what types of cutting jobs they can take care of – usually, these limitations come from manufacturer recommendations or reviews by other users who would know best about how easy it was to handle different tasks for brush cutting.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the old saying “A watched pot never boils!” Well, a brush cutter is no different. You want to keep an eye on your power levels to make sure they don’t dip too low so they can work at their max output. I mean what’s the point in buying something that isn’t going to perform as well?

There are two aspects you need to take into consideration when we weigh up the speed of a brush cutter. These are the movement and cutting speeds, which can vary depending on what type of material you’re trying to work with.

When it comes to movement speed there’s not much difference between different types as all brush cutters move at about 20 mph in general; however, that changes based on how responsive your transmission is or whether you have an electric start engine versus a pull cord one for example. The more powerful your motor – either gas-powered or battery-powered – will determine how fast these top out but ultimately low speeds such as 10 mph might be best if working near plants that could get damaged by blades from moving too quickly like cactus flowers for example!


When buying a brush cutter, you want one that is durable. Walk-behind brush cutters should live up to the durability of any other garden equipment and be made from durable materials. Make sure that your chosen model is built with steel material – but make certain it has an appropriate thickness or else wheels could start popping off! Consider also whether the wheel size can accommodate weight loads as well because sometimes they may not be large enough due to how light-weight this machine might feel in comparison with gas models.

When picking out an electric toothbrush many features must first come into consideration before choosing what would work best for them such as price range, battery life, color preference etcetera… There’s so much more than those that just get the job done.


When you need to cut brush, your machine must be versatile. The type of brush will not always be the same and changing machines can sometimes lead to a mess. That’s why we suggest looking for one with adjustable cutting action as well as height adjustment so you don’t run into any problems when dealing with uneven terrain or types of trees.

We recommend investing in quality walk-behind brushes because they are much more versatile than riding lawn mowers if all else fails. You’ll want something capable of handling various types of vegetation – there isn’t just one kind out there! So make sure whatever model you choose has adjustments available like taller blades on thick weeds, etc., and changeable actions such as rotary blades versus scissors.


Brush cutting is hard work. To make it pleasant, you should buy a machine that is easy to use and move around. Who wants the bother of a pull-start, even if it is spring-loaded? Electric starters or turnkeys are easier to use, but they may add to the cost. Controls located on the handle make life easier too – an ergonomic design prevents fatigue while you’re working long hours in your yard! Noise should also not go unnoticed when considering brush cutters: many manufacturers have taken steps towards reducing noise levels for their machines; this makes them better for those who live close by and need peace during leisure time as well as at home with any children present! Finally, maintainability needs consideration: how often will I need to clean it? When do I do it? Etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a walk behind brush hog cut?

Generally speaking, a walk-behind brush hog can cut anything from short to tall weeds. In terms of acreage, you should expect to cut at least one acre an hour with a walk behind brush hog.

What is the best brush mower on the market?

Models which come with powerful batteries, protect against rain or high dust content in the air because they use sealed bearings instead of grease; these sealed bearings spin faster and don’t attract dirt like grease can. The lack of grease also provides an excellent seal for moisture that might seep in during mowing sessions. These wheeled weed whackers have no external controls so there’s nothing to adjust when starting up as well.

How do you use walk behind brush cutter?

The walk behind brush cutter typically has a scythe-like head combined with teeth that help cut the green vegetation. To use this type of machine, attach the holder on the left or right side of the blade to your desired location and then tighten as necessary with a wing nut. Then, release pins that hold arm wings in place at the desired height and secure in place. Make sure there is enough clearance for turning radius before setting up belt drive positioned by cam on a column if necessary.

Turn the engine over to start: When ready, turn the engine over until it reaches full speed then let go (engine will stop quickly). Keep hands clear but within reach, so you can apply an emergency kill switch if needed.

How low does a brush hog cut?

A brush hog will cut down anything less than about a foot high. The best approach if you want to preserve the maximum amount of green vegetation is to call a professional to plant an appropriate type of fence, or purchase one with fencing panels.

What can a billy goat brush hog cut?

A billy goat brush hog can cut just about anything. The Billy Goat Brush Hog is a trimmer that has been designed with a 12.5ft-wide swath to produce maximum productivity and leaves an edge as clean as if it had been trimmed by a lawnmower. The ultra-sharp whirling shears give it the capacity to cut through anything from heavy, thick weeds to light grass and a small brush.


A walk-behind brush cutter has many uses and is a great investment for any property owner. They are usually lightweight, easy to use, and can tackle tough terrains like weeds, shrubs, small bushes, and more. Here you will be able to compare different models so that you can make a wise decision before making any purchase!

To conclude, in our opinion, the top 3 best walks behind brush cutters are Swisher WB11524BS Predator 24-Inch Walk Behind Rough cut, the WRC11524CL – Swisher Predator 24 in. Walk-Behind Rough Cut Mower and the Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger with 79cc 4-Cycle Engine.

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