Best Self- Propelled Lawn Mower Under $300 To Buy in 2021 |Reviews & Buying Guide

It seems like a dream to get a quality best self-propelled lawn mower under $300 without proper market research. But now, this dream could become a reality. A lawnmower is a machine that cuts the excess grass and cleans the lawn. It saves you precious time and energy. In addition to it, there are excellent Self-Propelled Mowers in the market which make the job easier.

Moreover, these mowers do not need somebody to operate them throughout the work. It works as a vehicle as it has driven wheels that propel the mower like a vehicle. You can control front and rear wheels. Consequently, you control the speed of the mower, so that you do not feel tired which makes Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers the best choice for your lawn care.

At a Glance:

Conversely, there comes a question while buying a lawnmower that comes in plenty of designs, shapes, and models, so which model will be accurate following your needs. In this article, we show you the right way to select the best lawnmower. Here, we review a few top-rated self-propelled lawn mowers under $300.

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Staff PickGreenworks 40V Mower
Check Price
Best PickLawn-boy 6.5 Gross lawnmower
Check Price
Yard Machines 140cc 21-inch push mower
Check Price
PowerSmart DB2322S mower
Check Price
Husqvarna L22A1 mower
Check Price
Budget PickPoulan Pro 961120130 Push Power
Check Price
Staff Pick

Greenworks 40V Mower

From the moment you unwrap this mower, you get greeted with an excellent marvel of modern engineering. This is the first recommendation of this article because of its classy features and satisfying manufacturing. Greenworks 40V Self-Propelled Mower is at the top in its category today.

Greenworks Company has launched two models of this mower. The previous model was non-self-propelled and this second one is a self-propelled lawnmower that is in the analysis.

Its appearance as well as internal structure, both meet the need of the consumer. Its size is compact. Its color is fresh green like grass. The design is sleek. The handle is comfortable, wide, and smooth. To operate this mower is not difficult rather a fun task. This functions in an easy way.

Primarily, mowers are selected based on the size of the yard. Whatever yard size you may have, this Greenworks, mower go well almost for every size.

The most notable feature about this mower is that it has a 3-in-1 capability. The normal mowers with this feature are very expensive. It’s a dream to buy them under this much reasonable price of 300 dollars. This feature makes it a no-1 pick.

Furthermore, the steel used in this 40V mower is highly durable and rust-resistant as well. Which makes it ideal for every kind of humid and wet weather. The steel deck is comprised of two departments to keep batteries inside. But here comes a flaw which is a little disappointed that it has no battery with it. One has to buy a separate battery for this if purchased. Consequently, this flaw makes it a little expensive but overall it is an outstanding variety of the model 40V.


  • Lightweight
  • Almost no noise
  • Faster than high power gas mowers
  • Has charging indication light


  • Has no battery, you have to buy separately
Best Pick

Lawn-boy 6.5 Gross lawnmower

Lawnboy is a long-term usable mower. If you want a durable mower for your lawn, you must pick a lawn boy. Its height is easily adjustable. Its mechanism is very efficient and fast. It ensures a smooth and easy mowing experience. Moreover, the blades used in it are fast and have tiny holes behind the sharp edge. It helps in the easy cutting of the grass. Its engine has a two-year warranty. It ensures excellent longevity. It is surprisingly powerful but its engine does not make the amount of noise that is expected by such power engines.

Hence, this feature makes lawn boy 6.5 gross mowers inexpensive and desirable. It is extremely reasonable to buy such a powerful machine for under 300 dollars. The entire machine is made up of sustainable and durable material. The best part about its maintenance is that if it’s kept in a clean place and it’s protected, this is enough to make it more durable.


  • Has rear-wheel drive that allows tough mowing
  • Has better traction
  • Has 2-point height-of-cut system
  • Has high power Kohler engine


  • A little heavy

Yard Machines 140cc 21-inch push mower

The Yard Machine’s push mower is one of the top fuel-efficient grass trimming machines. It wastes less fuel. Which is an ideal quality in mowers under only 300 dollars.

It is easy to clean. It cuts down its maintenance charges easily. Its engine is adequate in most cases. It’s not a beast by any means, but for average lawns, it’s ideal. It gives smooth mowing because of its 159cc gas engine. It has a sturdy steel deck. The best thing to buy about this mower is its wheels. They could be adjusted easily. It allows side discharge as well. As it is not as efficient as those fitted with a 3-in-1 feature. But still works very well. You can also adjust the cut height.


  • Has 2-in-1 feature for mulching
  • Has a quick start grip
  • Lightweight
  • Has a big tank


  • Has no bag for grass collection
  • Has single speed
  • Vibration is a little high

PowerSmart DB2322S mower

It’s a beautiful red and black colored mower with a reasonable budget of under 300 dollars. It has very decent features and specifications. It does not disappoint the buyer especially considering its self-propulsion. It’s very easy to use. You have to simply hold the top bar down, pull it, and usually starts on the first or second pull.

The quality of the product is good. It is even good to cut the grass tall equal to 5 to 6 inches. It works well on thicker patches as well. It does not give a bogging issue. It can cut long grass, so it is ideal for high service demanding yards as well. It has a very smooth cut with sharp blades. It has a very cool lever that closes and opens the rear chute for bagging or mulching.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Has side discharge
  • Has mulching


  • Has less stretch
  • Has a little less thickness in the body

Husqvarna L22A1 mower

This particular unit is fitted with a highly reliable engine. It excels over other competitor models in this category with its all-wheel-drive system. The wheels are specially engineered to provide superior traction on damp or uneven ground. It is made up of heavy-duty steel. The specifically engineered tread on the wheel is also nice. It helps ensure that you are getting every last possible bit of torque traction due to the all-wheel system.

The starter handle is a little hard for hands. There is no padding around it. You have to take pads separately to fix in the handle for more comfort. The point is that you have to get used to it to handle it easily. The power that the mower puts down to the blades is very high. This mower is for a medium lawn.


  • Has a powerful 160cc engine
  • Durable and reliable
  • Has all-wheel-drive self-propulsion
  • Its wheels are engineered for maximum traction


  • Not very ideal for hilly areas
Budget Pick

Poulan Pro 961120130 Push Power

You can take a chance if you are tired of paying dollars to get your lawn done professionally. Poulan Pro mower is a good alternate. You can pay 300 dollars once and can get permanent ease. This mower is great in function and structure both. You just have to adjust wheels if you want better mowing. It is built well. It has the power of Briggs. It mostly gives no complaints. It cuts the grass like a champ.

It starts easily. There is no over-engineered mess in its structure. It is, indeed, a quality product. It is a very basic yet very fulfilling push mower. It’s light and maneuverable. Its handle bends down sometimes while operating, which is a little minus. Otherwise, it’s excellent. It’s quieter than most mowers under 300 dollars. It’s very good for edging too. You must own it if you want a quality product under a low budget.


  • Has a 450 E 125cc Briggs and Stratton primer
  • Has a 20-inch deck o great quality
  • Has 7-inch front and rear wheels with excellent speed
  • Has quick height adjusters with 5 positions


  • Has side discharge only
  • Maximum forward speed 3 mph

Summary for Best Self- Propelled Lawn Mower Under $300

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Staff PickGreenworks 40V Mower
Check Price
Best PickLawn-boy 6.5 Gross lawnmower
Check Price
Yard Machines 140cc 21-inch push mower
Check Price
PowerSmart DB2322S mower
Check Price
Husqvarna L22A1 mower
Check Price
Budget PickPoulan Pro 961120130 Push Power
Check Price

Buying Guide for Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

If you are a first-time buyer of the lawnmower, then there is a very strong probability that due to the wide range of choices there is, you may be facing a lot of uncertainty. The variety is massive, from hand-pushed to gas-powered lawnmowers, but how do you find the perfect lawn mower? We have compiled a buyer’s guide to help you with this issue that also highlights all the features and functions you need to evaluate before purchasing a mower that fits our particular needs and also doesn’t burn a big hole in your pocket either. To find the correct lawn mower for you, carry on!

Buying a mower should not be a perplexing decision for you. But yes, you should consider some essential factors to select the right one that meets all your needs.

The Area of your Lawn:

The primary thing to be considered while purchasing a self-propelled lawnmower is the size and area of your yard. There are three common measures such as small, medium, and large. If your yard is small, you should use a non-self-propelled lawnmower. It can go well for that. In contrast with this, if your lawn covers a medium or large area, then you should get your hands on a self-propelled lawnmower so that you can save your energy and spend it on other productive things.

The Surface of your Lawn:

While purchasing a self-propelled lawnmower, you should consider the surface of your lawn. Whether it is smooth and plain or it is rough and rocky. If it is smooth, the non-self-propelled lawn mower would go well for that. In contrast with this, if your lawn is rough and the surface is hard, you should definitely, buy a Self-Propelled lawnmower. It will get very difficult work done in minutes. Thus, it will save you precious time and effort.

The Width of the Mower:

The base area of the mower is very notable particularly because it determines the time of your work. The size of the base makes a lot of difference when it comes to the efficiency of the mower. The more the base is wider, the shorter time it takes to finish mowing. In this case, the mower could be a little heavier but it will work best for your lawn.

Mower’s Weight:

The mowers come in different sizes such as small, medium, and large. You have to select the one that meets all your needs. If your lawn is big and it requires difficult service, then you must pick a heavy mower. But in this case, you must increase your budget as well. As heavy mowers are costly than lighter ones. Conversely, if you have a small yard, you can go for a small and lightweight mower easily.

Furthermore, this factor plays a very decisive role in your mowing machinery selection that you can put some effort into during the mowing operation or you entirely want to relax and free because if your mower would be a little heavy then you will have to put a little energy on it. No matter it is self-propelled or non-self-propelled one. It will take a little amount of energy in case of a heavy mower.

This energy is directly proportional to the weight of the mower. So, better you choose a lightweight mower. It is convenient plus it does not demand your effort for the push. Hence, it does not make the operation more challenging for you.

The Sound and pitch of the mower:

There are two types of mowers in the market such as Gas Mower and Electric Mower.

A gas mower makes more noise. On the other hand, the electric one does in contrast. The better option is an electric mower, particularly if you cannot tolerate excess noise in your surroundings or you live in a community rather than in a lonely sort of place. The electric mower can easily make you get rid of any noise problem but yes, it is a little costly. On the other hand, a gas mower is inexpensive but it creates more noise. A gas mower is better to use in day time while the other could be easily used even at night without getting any complaint of your mower’s noise from your neighborhood.

The wheels of the Mower:

In a mower, wheels are very significant because the wheels are responsible for the entire operating capability of the mower almost. They wheel quality and fitting is directly proportional to the efficiency of the entire mower. So, wheels are worth keeping into consideration during the purchase of a mower. A mower is designed either on a front-wheel-drive system or a rear-wheel-drive system. Whatever style you choose, it is efficient but the selection of the mower should be done based on the ground structure of your lawn. If your yard is rough, tough, and hilly at some points, then make sure to buy a rear-wheel system based lawnmower. Conversely, if the lawn is plain, go for the front-wheel system based lawnmowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric lawnmowers environmentally friendly?

Yeah, since they don’t use any fuel and emit zero carbon emissions, electric lawnmowers are really environmentally friendly.

Are gas-powered lawnmowers difficult to operate?

Although it may take some practice to use these mowers, they are certainly not hard to use. You could become a pro with a little bit of experience using gas-powered lawnmowers.

Are self-propelled mowers worth it?

Self-propelled lawn mowers are a great option for people with limited mobility. They allow those who use wheelchairs to do their own yard work because they don’t require the user to get on and off from a standing position like some push lawnmowers would. Those who have mobility issues that may otherwise make other activities difficult for them should definitely look into self-propelled models as an alternative that takes less physical effort.

What is the most reliable brand of lawnmower?

There are many reliable brands, so it may take some personal preference to decide which of them is best.

The two most common types of lawn mowers are rotary mowers and reel-type mowers. Reel-type mowers can be more expensive than rotary models, but they require significantly less maintenance. Reel-types also offer a closer cut that looks better throughout the summer and needs little to no gas or electricity.

Rotary models typically don’t provide as close a cut as reel-types do, but they’re packed with features that make them easier for some people to use.

Is it bad to pull a lawnmower backward?

It is not bad to pull a lawnmower backward, but it is better to push it forwards.

When pulling a lawnmower back against the front wheels for long lengths of time or over steep inclines, there’s a risk of eventually wearing out the tractor. In contrast, when pushing the mower forward with its rear end on top of obstacles like rocks or tree roots in the ground, these are cleared out by its blade as it moves and results in less wear and tear.


Greenworks 40V Self-Propelled Dual Port lawn mower is the first top pick, recommended, and suggested by influencers, reviewers, and past users and buyers. If you want to settle on a single mowing machine under a low budget like $300, it’s enough. It abolishes your worry and tension about lawn care. If you want to have an extremely manicured yard, you must consider Greenworks, this master invention. This lawn mowing machine secures a high rank in its category and is excellently well-reputed due to its top features like 3-in-1 capability and highly durable structure.

Lawn-boy 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler Self-Propelled Lawn Mower secures the second rank in the race amongst self-propelled mowing machines under $300.Hence, you need not get worried about putting your trust in this remarkable piece. It should be considered as a first choice if your priority is comfort and ease. It has won the deal because of its features like long term use and excessively fast blades.

Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push mower ranks the third in the self-propelled mowers under the budget of 300 dollars. It is the best-reviewed mower as it is very efficient. In addition to this, it is powered by advanced technology which makes it excel in its domain. It should be your priority if you want features like fuel-saving and smooth mowing.

PowerSmart DB2322S 20 Inch 3-in-1 Gas Self-Propelled mower is on the fourth position among the self-propelled mowers under 300 dollars, budget. The experience of the user with this mower is awesome in reviews. So, experience having your hands on the most convenient and budget-friendly mower. It gives you an unparalleled mowing experience. You can prefer it for the first try if you crave features like good appearance and tall grass cutting capability.

Husqvarna L221A 21-Inch Walk-behind self-propelled mower ranks the fifth position in mowers under 300 dollars. In this budget, if you could buy a mower of this quality, it’s no less than good luck. Undoubtedly, this mower is a masterpiece. It is designed following the needs of the consumer. It satisfies the consumer in almost every case. To get the best mowing performance, it is highly recommended if you consider features like a highly powerful engine and all-wheel self-propulsion.

Poulan Pro 961120130 Briggs Side Discharge Push Mower ranks the last in these budget-friendly lawnmowers which are self-propelled. This mower secures a very different place when it comes to self-propelled mowers under a low budget. It is desirable and ideal if you consider features like professional-quality edging and mowing and adjustable height.

All the above stated Self-Propelled Mowers under $300 are unique in their mechanism and manufacturing. But they all enjoy a sound reputation among self-propelled mowers. As they all offer different but striking features. So, it’s your turn to choose among these masterpieces in the world of Mowing.

All the lawnmowers listed in this article are less than $300 and there is plenty to give for the desires of all. You can choose a mower unique to your lawn and your budget, focusing on what your specifications are.

The above review will lead you to make an informed decision and you can realize the best self-propelled options under $300. We have selected the 6 best self-propelled lawn mowers under $300, the construction material is reliable, has durability, and an affordable price. Fulfill your lawn care needs without wasting time and money.

Through this intensive research, you should feel no difficulty finding the best quality mower and you can easily recognize what to take for in a low-cost lawn.

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