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Cleaning has no weekends; we need it each and every day for our whole life. The only escape from this non-stop duty is the best robot vacuum 2022.

Cleaning is a daily requirement and thinking of doing some work daily is itself exhausting. Moreover, it is hard to extract time for cleaning from our busy schedules. And if we don’t do it- all that mess is unhealthy and frustrating. Now it is high time to choose artificial intelligence to serve you- so go and buy the best robot vacuum.

At a Glance:

When I had the one; I was just wondering how I have been living without this robotic vacuum. Enjoy your weekends with your friends and family and not ruin it in thorough weekend cleaning at home. Save your time to enjoy more.

Hold on, don’t just go and buy the one. Robot vacuums are generally expensive. Buying the wrong automatic vacuum can frustrate you. As I said you need a “best” robot vacuum, not just a robot vacuum. It is a little technical to choose which robot vacuum is the best? After long research, I have extracted the list of the ten best robot vacuums 2022 for you. So, here you go!

Our Recommendations for Best Robot Vacuum

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Eufy by Anker
Check Price
iRobot Roomba 675
Check Price
iRobot Braava jet
Check Price
Roborock S5
Check Price
Best PickiRobot Roomba 614
Check Price
Staff PickiRobot Roomba s9+
Check Price
Shark IQ
Check Price
Budget PickCoredy R750
Check Price
Roborock S4
Check Price
Check Price

Eufy by Anker

This robot vacuum has the best artificial intelligence system. It has a strong suction power of 1300pa – an unavoidable feature because suction power matters the most. Its boost IQ technology enables it to detect the height to switch between the floor and carpet and accordingly it increases its suction power within 1.5 seconds for efficient and thorough cleaning.

Infrared sensors protect it from striking with obstacles, while drop sensing technology saves it from falling down. Despite having a strong suction, this robot vacuum is as thin as 2.85inches, its slim design allows it to clean the floor under the furniture.

Moreover, this robot vacuum has a triple-filter system. Filter systems are important for healthy cleaning. Dual-layer filters and one high-performance filter collectively give healthier cleaning.

It has a large dirt box; emptying will be required less frequently. The running time is as long as 100 minutes and it automatically gets back to the charging base when the battery is low.

The best thing about this robot vacuum cleaner is that it has the best customer feedback. And nothing is as authentic as customer feedback.


  • Strong suction (1300pa)
  • Boost IQ technology
  • Slim design
  • Three filter system
  • Infrared sensors and drop sensing technology
  • Large dirt box
  • 1-year warranty
  • Positive customer feedback


  • Delayed customer care service

iRobot Roomba 675

This is the best robot vacuum against the price. iRobot Roomba cleans in three stages; Loosens, lifts, and suction. To work in these three stages step by step it has dual multi-surface brushes that enable it to clean carpets and hard floors with equal efficiency. Don’t worry, it cares about corners and edges as well as it has an edge-sweeping brush to clean corners and edges.

The next possible concern is cleaning under and around the furniture. This robot vacuum has advanced sensors that allow it to clean under and around the furniture. It will clean around but won’t fall down from the stairs, the cliff detects system saves it. This robot vacuum is your cleaning partner, and it learns your habits and preferences; accordingly, it makes and offers a customized schedule for you.

This robot detects and suggests extra cleaning when it is needed like when there is more pollen count at your place or its shedding season of your pet. It also detects the spot where there is more debris occasionally or regularly and does extra cleaning on those spots.

Moreover, It readily switches cleaning between carpet and hard floor through detecting and adapting the heights by its auto-adjust cleaning head. You can control it by updating the iRobot home app; you can optimize your cleaning system as you want. After 90mins of cleaning, it automatically returns to the docking station for charging.


  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • Dual multi-surface brushes
  • Edge sweeping brush
  • Offers customized schedule
  • Suggests extra cleaning when needed
  • Detects dirtier areas for thorough cleaning
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head detects surface height
  • Adaptive navigation and cliff detect
  • Automatically returns to the docking station
  • 1-year warranty


  • Sometimes app gives an error

iRobot Braava jet

This robot vacuum has been designed especially for hard floors that include hardwood, tile, and stone. It has a diverse variety of cleaning modes. Those cleaning modes include; wet mopping, damp sweeping, and dry sweeping. It automatically detects and switches between the cleaning modes accordingly.

It is a perfect product for cleaning washrooms and kitchens as it cleans under the cabinets and around the toilet very efficiently. it perfectly clean hard-to-reach places specifically. The unique feature of this robot vacuum is; it not only cleans the dirt, dust, or debris but also stains. Jet spray first softens the stains and then removes it.

Vibrating cleaning heads remove stains by scrubbing but it does not work in dry sweeping mode. Built-in virtual wall mode enables you to create an invisible boundary. It is helpful when you need to bound your robot vacuum in a particular area with no doors like the kitchen and entrance.

Even you never need to touch the dirt to discard the pad. Just push a button, the card will be ejected, discard it into the trash.


  • Three cleaning modes (wet mopping, damp sweeping, dry sweeping)
  • Designed for hard floors (hardwood, tile, stone)
  • Jet spray removes stubborn stains
  • Vibrating cleaning head
  • Built-in virtual wall
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Clean under cabinets and around toilets efficiently
  • Easy pad eject button


  • Few complaints about an error in the “Built-in virtual wall” feature

Roborock S5

This robot vacuum has the strongest suction power (2000pa). Floating main brush, side brushes, and rolling brushes combined with its strong suction give a perfect cleaning over every inch of your floor or carpet. For thorough cleaning especially for removing stains, it has a bionic mopping system. The steady water outlet is maintained but it has been designed with such high accuracy that no water stain will be left.

It has a very efficient and accurate navigation system that allows it to clean every hard-to-reach area without striking or falling. This robot vacuum has high-efficiency E11 filters that grab dust and allergens and give you a clean healthy environment. These filters are washable and their lifespan is long.

When it reaches the carpet it turns its maximum suction power on for deep cleaning, and when it leaves the carpet it gets back to normal suction power. But to attain this feature, you need to turn the carpet mode on, in your app. And don’t worry, it will roam around for cleaning but it won’t fall from stairs as it has four cliff sensors. Infrared detect the obstacles and protect this robot vacuum from striking.

You want it not to go to a certain zone or area at your home? Draw a line on the app and it will not go to the “no entry” zone. Its running time is as long as 150mins.


  • Strong suction
  • Accurate navigation
  • Bionic mopping system
  • Best to clean the mess of pets
  • Infrared obstacle detectors and cliff sensors
  • High-efficiency filters
  • Three types of brushes
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • App control and 1-year warranty


  • Poor customer care service
Best Pick

iRobot Roomba 614

This robot vacuum has dual multi-surface brushes that increase its working efficiency. These brushes work in coordination, one loosens the dust, dirt, or stain while the other brush picks it up. To clean edges is a tough task for most vacuum cleaners but this robot cleaner does its job perfectly with its edge-sweeping brush.

The auto-adjust cleaning head detects the surface and accordingly adopts the height to switch between carpets and hard floors. Every home has some areas with dirt and debris. This robot vacuum detects those areas through dirt detect sensors and provides additional cleaning.

It has a strong navigation system; it cleans under the furniture but its sensors detect obstacles and protect it from striking. The Cliff detector saves it from falling down the stairs.

It automatically gets back to the charging base when the charging is low.


  • Edge-sweeping brush
  • Dual multi-surface brush
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas- specifically edges
  • Dirt detect sensors
  • Cliff detect sensors


  • No drawbacks have been observed yet
Staff Pick

iRobot Roomba s9+

If you want complete peace of mind for a long duration that you don’t even need to lift your finger, it is the best robot vacuum for you with 40x strongest suction and the largest capacity of holding dirt up to 60 days. Yes, you read it right, it can collect and hold garbage for 60 days.

It is designed to clean edges and corners with high efficiency. Perfect edge technology with advanced sensors leaves no area for dirt to escape. The corner brush adds more perfection by cleaning corners effectively.

It has a very strong navigation system that can detect no-go areas, messy areas where more cleaning is required and can detect your kitchen and living room, or different parts of your home. You can set all these navigations, mapping, and different settings in your app.

Not only you can suggest but also your vacuum robot suggests you back when more cleaning is required especially when the pollen count is high or if there is a shedding season for your pet. The robot vacuum will get back to base for charging when the battery is low.


  • Self-emptying
  • Suggests when more cleaning is required
  • Detects messy spots
  • Detects different locations
  • Corner brushes
  • 40x high suction power
  • Perfect edge technology


  • No drawbacks have been reported yet

Shark IQ

This robot vacuum is specifically designed to remove the mess of pets along with another routine cleaning. Hark IQ robot vacuum cleans row by row leaving no chance for debris or dust to be there.

After cleaning your whole home, it comes back to base and empties itself into a bagless base. This bagless bag has the capacity to collect and store debris for 30 days. That means you are free for a whole month; you don’t need to even think about it.

The unique feature of this robot vacuum is it’s self-cleaning by self-cleaning brush roll. It cleans itself to get rid of long hair and pet hair so no wraps are there. It has dual edges and corner brushes that ensure the edges to be cleaned and cleaned of all hard-to-reach areas.

If during work, charging gets low; it goes back to base for charging and then resumes where it left. It has a good memory that improves efficiency and ease. This can be controlled by Alexa, voice control, or an app.


  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Powerful suction
  • Dual edges and side brushes
  • Resumes where it left (if charging gets low during work)
  • Specifically, good to deal with the mess of pets
  • Large dust box and base
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Few complaints have been reported that it works slow
Budget Pick

Coredy R750

You can schedule your cleaning time using this robot vacuum. This product is loaded with smart and unique features. The suction power is 2000pa strong that ensuring quality cleaning. It also has a water control system for wet mopping.

The detector itself detects when wet mopping is needed and uses its in-built water control system. It increases its suction power when it reaches the carpet to lift its head and wheels and also for deep cleaning of the carpet, and lowers its suction power automatically when it leaves the carpet.

The package includes magnetic boundary strips to restrict the robot to a particular area when there are no walls. It has three filter systems that consist of washable HEPA filters that protect you from dust and allergens and give healthy cleaning. It does not collide and does not fall due to its anti-collision technology and drop-sensing technology respectively.

Side brushes ensure cleaned edges and corners. It returns to the charging base itself when charging is required. The best part is efficient technical support for 12 months by manufacturers. 24-hours calling service is available.


  • 2000pa suction power
  • Magnetic boundary strips
  • Suggests when more cleaning is required
  • Wet mopping
  • Anti-collision technology and drop-sensing technology
  • Washable HEPA filters
  • Side brushes
  • Technical support for 12 months


  • No drawbacks have been observed yet

Roborock S4

This is the most economic robot vacuum that you can find in the market with all the unique and smart features of high quality. It has strong suction of 2000pa. you will find everything of highly-priced robot vacuums in this product with similar or at least almost similar quality.

You can set virtual walls for no go areas by just drawing the boundary in your app. You can schedule your cleaning room to room at different times. It has four cleaning modes that include; quiet, turbo MAX and balanced.

It has an anti-tangle main brush that is best for pet hair or long hair because it works in a way that hair cannot interrupt the cleaning process.

The floating main brush switches smoothly between carpet and floor by rising and dropping respectively. You can control this robot vacuum by remote control. It has four cliff sensors that protect it from falling down.

This robot vacuum is a simple peace in life as it makes no noise. It cares for you in all aspects and returns to the docking station for charging when the battery is low.


  • Best against the price
  • Remote control
  • Four cliff sensors
  • Switches safely between carpet and floor
  • 2000pa suction power
  • Four cleaning modes (Turbo, balanced, quiet, MAX)
  • You can set virtual walls


  • Poor customer service


Enjoy the sweeping and mopping at the same time as this robot vacuum. when mopping is required, switch to the water tank. You can schedule cleaning and won’t see a messy home whenever you are back from work.

You can enjoy four cleaning modes that include; Auto, spot, MAX, and edge. Side brushes make sure the cleaning at edges and around corners. You don’t need to protect it or worry about it; it takes care of itself as it has cliff sensors and an intelligent protection system.

The running time is 110 minutes long. It returns to the docking system whenever cleaning is required. Also, It efficiently cleans the mess of pets and a very good choice if you have pets at home. It has filters that ensure healthy cleaning. Manufacturers offer 1-year warranty for this robot vacuum.


  • 1-year warranty
  • 2 in 1; sweeping and mopping
  • Side brushes
  • Four cleaning modes (Auto, spot, MAX, edge)
  • Best for cleaning mess of pets
  • Cliff sensors
  • Intelligent protection system


  • Few complaints about remote control errors

Summary for Best Robot Vacuum

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Eufy by Anker
Check Price
iRobot Roomba 675
Check Price
iRobot Braava jet
Check Price
Roborock S5
Check Price
Best PickiRobot Roomba 614
Check Price
Staff PickiRobot Roomba s9+
Check Price
Shark IQ
Check Price
Budget PickCoredy R750
Check Price
Roborock S4
Check Price
Check Price

Buying guide for Best Robot Vacuum 2022

Robot vacuums are expensive devices and one needs to be very careful to invest in them. Here is the list of features to set your preferences.

Control methods

Every robot vacuum has some kind of control method, Alexa, voice control, remote control, or different apps. Ease of control is very important. The first preference should be a variety of control methods. The best scenario is; when your robot vacuum offers almost all or nearly all control methods so you can switch between the methods when it is required.

Now talking particularly about app control. An app is such a relief if it has modified features. you can control precise mapping, navigation, no go areas, and virtual boundaries. This magnifies your control power over robots to a great extent.

Strong suction power

Strong suction power is the one thing that guarantees quality and quick cleaning. All other features are meaningless if the suction power is not up to the mark.

Not only for robot vacuum cleaners, but every type of cleaner that works on the vacuum principle basically depends on suction power for its working efficiency. This is the backbone of the whole vacuum cleaning system.

Size of vacuum robot

The slimmer is your vacuum robot, the more hard-to-reach areas it can access. Besides this small and slim vacuum robots are mostly quiet and of course, they take less place at your home. Cleaning is more efficient due to their easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

Various cleaning modes

The more cleaning modes your robot vacuum offers, the more you are in peace. switching on a particular mode prevents you from manual and continuous supervision. Just switch the required mode and leave the rest on the vacuum robot. It is particularly helpful when the cleaning area is diverse.

Somewhere you need strong cleaning and on some other points, you just need low power. Moreover to deal with stains some special features are required like wet mopping.

It’s the best thing if your vacuum robot offers both sweeping and mopping so you don’t need to buy two devices for both cleaning methods.

Strong navigation system

The navigation system is the primary thing about a vacuum robot. What makes sense of buying an expensive vacuum robot when you need to supervise itself. A strong navigation system allows your vacuum robot to; avoid obstacles, cleaning under and around the furniture, cleaning corners, and preventing falling down.


To avoid continuous supervision is the primary stimulus to buy a robot vacuum. the mapping system of your robot vacuum system should be efficient and strong. Your robot vacuum should simply know your home. It should detect your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and other areas of the home.

Not only this but you should have an option to set no-entry zones for it. Some vacuum robots offer to create virtual walls in open areas that have no doors so your vacuum can detect the boundary by virtual walls and remains in that particular area.

Large dirt box or self-emptying

A robot vacuums are automatic devices; they should not need to engage you frequently for any purpose. This is why you invest in robot vacuums, right? But if the dirt box of your robot vacuum is small, more frequently you will need to empty this. never ever forget to check the size of the dirt box. The minimum requirement of size is; it requires to be empty once a day only. Don’t compromise if you need to empty it more than once a day. just don’t!

The other option is; you can buy robot vacuums with self-emptying features. you will feel this feature like a blessing. These robot vacuums empty themselves in the base and the base can hold the garbage up to a month or two depending on the product and brand. But for sure you will get a long break!


I always consider this a very important feature, especially for electronic devices. We invest too much in buying products and any damage or unfortunate thing can happen to our product in the early months. I believe once your device starts working smoothly for about a year, it mostly lasts long. But for that particular duration manufacturers should offer a warranty for your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are robot vacuums any good?

Yes, they are good for many reasons. you can save a lot of time and energy by this single-time investment in robot vacuums. I say this is the best phenomenon that artificial intelligence can serve you.

Which robot vacuum is best for pet hair?

There are many robot vacuums that claim to be the best for pet hairs. But here I tell you the three best robot vacuums that are tried and tested to clean the pet air efficiently.

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop
Shark IQ Robot Vacuum
V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Mopping, Robot Vacuum

Which is a better shark IQ robot or Roomba?

Honestly, both are my favorite and hard to choose. Both are good but it depends on your requirements which one you should buy. Roomba is the perfect package but it takes a heavy price to deliver that perfection. And if your budget is short, shark IQ is the best option but you just need to compromise on a few features. only a few features because it nearly has similar features to Roomba.

Can Robots replace the normal vacuum?

Many people answer it with no but trust me they were not smart enough to buy the right product. I will say don’t accuse robot vacuums of your wrong choices or bad buying skills. Robot vacuums are simply best if you can afford a single time investment. You are living in an era of technology, and robot vacuums are really a gift of this era.

Are Roombas worth the money?

Each and every dollar you spend on buying Roomba, worth it. We say life with Roomba and without Roomba is not the same, trust me! I always was short of time for my whole life. I spent a lot of time and energy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. But now I prefer to spend dollars on buying Roomba and to save my time and energy. Life is fun now!

How long does a robot vacuum last?

Different robot vacuums have different lifespan depending on the brand. But on average the best robot vacuum lasts up to eight years while a good robot vacuum lasts up to 6 years. Other average or below average robot vacuums are unpredictable and lasts about three to four years.

Is there a Roomba that empties itself?

Not one, there are many Roombas that empty themselves. Here I give you the two best names:

1)iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum
2)Shark IQ Robot Vacuum
3)Do robot vacuums work on carpets?

They do it with high efficiency and effectiveness. Not only do they clean the carpets but you also don’t need to set them again and again. They themselves detect the carpet and change their working pattern accordingly for deep cleaning, and when they leave the carpet they get back to their normal working position. All you need to do is buy the right product- the best robot vacuum.

Can robot vacuums clean multiple floors?

The answer is yes. The best robot vacuums have this feature to clean multiple floors. They can switch their modes automatically by detecting the surface.


Every house is incomplete now without having the best robot vacuum 2022. As we know that the robot vacuums are based on two technologies. Vacuum cleaning and intelligence programming. Basically, their use for cleaning and cleaning principle is the same as for all types of vacuum cleaning but the difference is; they do all the work by themselves without continuous supervision.

You just need to set the instructions at once and you don’t need to bother again until you have to change your settings. They will follow your schedule, your navigation patterns, your created boundaries; whatever you want, and whatever you need.

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