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It is a separate debate that whether thick carpets are better or not but thick carpets look luxurious and nice and no one can deny that. They enhance the beauty of your rooms by giving a more fancy touch. Besides the fact that thick carpets are pretty much expensive than thin carpets and it is a well-known fact that the high price is not only about quality but also goes for quantity.

The more thickness a carpet has, the larger the material it required. Anything huge significantly drives a portion of your budget. Although thick-pile carpets deliver an aesthetic and comfortable feel, the extra cushioning effect smoothens your feet and if you have kids then thick carpets are worthy but, as everything has a cost so as these carpets do.

At a Glance:

Thick-pile carpets not only require money but they need extra maintenance and care for their longer life and efficiency. It is not easy to wash them every week. They require your time, labor, and physical strength, leaving you exhausted at the end but not now anymore.

The technology has saved us from this struggle by providing the Best Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpets which are built with strong suction power and advanced cleaning options. These bots are programmed with Artificial Intelligence to navigate your home on their own, detect dirty places, and clean at one command.

These scary ghosts are packed with features beyond your imagination and the amount of relief you can have from them is undeniable. They work like assistants who waits for your command either with the phone or remote and do their specified work without human interruption. They can save the cleaning schedules and start working on their fixed timing.

As no one wants to be lived in a dirt environment, this relief-giving technology has saved the lives of many working people who have to perform double duties first at their job and second at home. It cooperates with people’s daily house cleaning chores and allows them to get some rest and if the cleaning requires a thick carpet then it is also not a thing to worry about as long as you have these bot assistants around you.

There are available robot vacuums that are recommended for dual floor types which means they can clean the hardwood flooring and the carpets as well. They do not have wings or horns for their specificity, may contain some features less than other robot vacuums but are effective in their field.

Our Recommendation for Best Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Best PickRoomba i7
Check Price
iRobot Roomba E5
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Budget PickRoborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Check Price
Best Pick

Roomba i7

Luxurious houses can never be complete without carpets and rugs which provide an utterly finish to the whole house but as everything as a good and bad side so as with the carpets. Although the fancy look appeals but the cleaning of thick pile carpets are also a problem to bear with.

The maintenance of thick carpets and rugs is a genuine worry for ladies because they can’t compromise on cleaning. A large effort required for washing carpets or just making them instantly clean through sweeping but who can do this for every fourth of the week.

Here is a much smarter way of cleaning these high-pile carpets with the Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner with whom you can have a powerful cleaning without evening lifting. The Roomba i7 is equipped with v-SLAM technology which can collect 230,400 data points/second.

With this technology, Roomba navigates and map your entire home smartly and proficiently clean your home in a well-organized way. Roomba i7 detects and cleans any type of debris whether it is soil, dirt, hair, or whether any food in the form of small particles, falls. You just have to give it a command and the rest is all on this intelligent bot and its 10x suctioned power.

The operating system of Roomba i7 is easy and simple, requiring only your phone. With the suggested App to which it is compatible with and all, he is set for your commands. You can either operate with an app or more easily you can use a voice command as it is in sync with ALEXA and Google Assistant. The app also features cleaning suggestions and have your customized cleaning routine stored. It is so wisely programmed that it analyzed your cleaning habits offer schedules and extra cleaning options as soon as it detects an additional cleaning required.

Is there anything else with the Roomba i7? Yes, of course, the Imprint Smart Mapping Technology, this little ghost knows your living room, kids room, or kitchen and by teaming up with Braava jet m96 it will provide vacuuming and then mopping in an organized way. Whether the home is full of kids or pets, its efficient filters are adapted to trap almost 99% of allergens.

It has an advanced structure studded with smart programming which can be upgraded in the future. Also, this bot is steered clear about no-going zones and adapted to the Cleaning Base so if you forget to empty its bin, it can do this itself. What else we can demand from a robot vacuum who just asked for your command and accomplished.


  • Perform on dual floors
  • Black in color
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Compatible with cleaning base
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • App and voice command
  • 10x suction power


  • This Roomba i7 offers great 10x suction power
  • It can clean all types of floors and debris
  • Perfect cleaning system, powerful suction, and efficient filters.
  • The software upgrade feature has made it more smooth than before.


  • Only works when connects with the wi-fi not automatically.
  • The app requires permissions and bin emptying difficulties.

iRobot Roomba E5

There are hundreds of robot vacuum options available in the market but all do not suit our requirements. Although the price is an important factor in any purchase when you buy online, and when you don’t have any trial chance but spending on a trusted Brand will always make a successful outcome.

This is another Roomba from IROBOT which we have selected in the list for those people who have any sort of budget problem. Here’s a closer look at what this Roomba is all about.

Starting from its design, this Roomba has a black-colored plastic body of about 3.6” in height which can move through low-profile furniture as well.

Right on the top, it has three buttons embedded, optioning for home, clean, and spot clean with the indicating lights just above them for battery life, wi-fi connectivity, and trouble-shooting. Also, there lies a handle that enables you to carry it whenever and wherever you want to.

While the bottom contains supportive rubber wheels, roller brush, edge brushes, cliff sensors, and a bin at the back. The Roomba does not have any remote so it requires an App installation on your phone which is compatible with both Android and IOS. Once you have installed the app, just connect your Roomba with it. Also, you can instruct your bot with ALEXA and Google Assistant to run on your voice.

The premium three staged cleaning offers tangle-free brushes that sweep dust and debris from every corner, the 5x suction power which collects every little piece from the floor and carpets, and the high-efficient filters which filter every single pollen and allergen. The multi-surface brushed does not tangle with the pet hairs so this Roomba is suitable for homes having pets.

This multi-purpose Roomba has advanced sensors that prevent it from falling as well help it to navigate through the house, along the walls and furniture, leaving not a single dirty spot you can complain about. The patented dirt technology allows it to find the dirt spots and make them clean without your command.

The auto-adjusting cleaning head allows it to adjust heights according to the type of floor it is working on so, it is adapted to clean carpets as well as hardwood. It can suck even gum wrappers and sand from the carpets which is why it is highly recommended.

Its app upgrade app has made it easier to consider because it works well with the updated software version and allows you to enjoy maximum cleaning features. The e5 has 90 minutes of battery life which is more than enough to clean a whole apartment and if it goes it, it is programmed to return automatically to the dock and get recharge.

The one thing which is a little fussy about this Roomba is it is louder so if you are at home you might get bothered with its noise. But overall, this Roomba does stand out from most of the other IROBOT models.


  • Black plastic body
  • Multi-purpose brushes
  • 3 stage cleaning
  • Equipped with sensors
  • Work on dual floors
  • Wi-fi enabled


  • Have strong suction and long battery
  • Cleans thoroughly.
  • Able to clean all types of flooring
  • Navigational abilities


  • It does not have a remote operating option and pretty loud.


Cleaning is not an issue with the new and improved Samsung R7040 robot vacuum. With the new and advanced features, this robot vacuum saves a lot of your valuable time and money. Generally, the robot vacuum with all the excellent features is very expensive but here, you don’t need to worry about money.

Besides, this robot vacuum from Samsung has a camera incorporated which helps in navigation. Usually, robot vacuums have difficulty cleaning the floors as they move haphazardly. However, this gadget moves in linear lines and cleans every inch of your room, leaving no dirt.

The front of the vacuum cleaner is mounted with sensors to save your vacuum from hitting back to back on the wall or obstacles. Moreover, the wheels are top-quality for the smooth movement of R7040 over obstacles.

Furthermore, the structure it has been given is round with a wide front. The wide front brush provides a large cleaning width. It is one of those rare vacuum cleaners which have exhaust at the top of it for smooth working.

Besides, this cleaner comes with remote control. Although, it has built-in wi-fi and you can handle it through your smartphone as well. But, a more preferred way of dealing is remote control. You can easily control all the basic functions like start, stop.

Also, you can change different cleaning features and power modes. You can turn the cleaning mode from one line or linear movement to circular motion or anything else. The mobile app is needed for the cleaning schedule, checking history, or seeing the maps of where you cleaned.

Samsung electronic R7040 vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaners out there in the market to help you with your household chores.


  • 8 pounds in weight
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Camera incorporated
  • Built-in wi-fi


  • Full viewing sensor 2.0 to navigate easily
  • Self-cleaning brush
  • 40 times more suction power
  • Has a washable fil


  • Extra-large debris like pet hair and fruit loops.
  • Low battery life and doesn’t come with magnetic tape
Staff Pick


R500+ is one of the top robot vacuum cleaners in the market. It is also a highly demanded product of Coerdy and has given tough competition. This house help save you valuable time by helping you with regular cleaning work.

Although the rise in its demand is because of inexpensive prices, that is not the only single reason. It works efficiently and properly cleans the carpet. With increasing allergies around the globe, allergies due to carpets have also been increased.

So, it is very important to buy a meticulously made cleaner that properly cleans the carpet. It is super thin with a height of 7.2cm. This feature makes it able to go under the beds or other low height furniture.

Moreover, it includes a 3-point cleaning system for spotless cleaning of your laptop. Also, the option of wet cleaning is used for thorough and hard cleaning of the soft floor. Besides, the sensors incorporated in it prevents damage.

The Anti-fall sensor prevents from falling off and the sensor mounted on the front side saves from colliding with the walls. Furthermore, there are 5 efficient cleaning modes available for all-rounded cleaning of your home.

These 5 modes include spot cleaning, edge cleaning, max vacuum cleaning, single room cleaning, and manual cleaning. Other than that, the battery timing is also good. It works constantly for 120 minutes. To add to your comfort, you don’t need to put it on charging. Yes, the auto charging technology enables the robot vacuum to find the charging base and automatically start charging.

You change the modes and power of the vacuum cleaner depending upon the need. If you want to increase or decrease the suction power you can easily do that. Lastly, you will also get a whole range of vacuum cleaning accessories.


  • Dural surface cleaner
  • Remote controller
  • 3-point cleaning system
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • 120 minutes run time


  • It is very quiet and efficient in its working
  • Easily rolls over the carpet.
  • Enough sizes bin and the long battery
  • It’s a great regular sweeper.


  • Comes with navigational difficulties and is lost in a big house and stuck sometimes.
Budget Pick

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock has listed another name ‘E4’ in their E-series of robot vacuums after E20, E25, and E35. This robot is not the least expensive yet it has many features packed in its mid-range value which forces any buyer to consider it once.

The E4 has a traditional circular body with the main brush sandwiched between two rubber wheels on the sides and one side spinning brush that sweeps the dust from the edges. The up-gradation which this bot has from the previous series is it does not have LIDAR, instead, it features two gyroscopes and an optic eye sensor for navigation.

This robot is smart enough to make its path between objects and did not just bump into the furniture, yet it slows down when it sees anything in front. Cleaning is done in a zigzag manner rather than just bumping around.

It is compatible with the MI Home App which allows monitoring, spot cleaning, timer, manual, maintenance, choosing the cleaning mode, and will also get you to notify about the maintenance of its parts.

The E4 is suitable for both hard and carpet flooring so if it is required to clean any carpeted area, it will automatically detect and go for the max cleaning mode. The 0.8in climbing ability and 2000Pa suction power provide the next level boost for carpet cleaning leaving no signs of any dust or hairs behind.

Another advantage of buying E4 is it contains 640ml of dustbin which has a large space to carry debris and does not need to be emptied after vacuuming every room. Also, this robot is very quiet in its work so you can enjoy all of your activities while it cleans.

The E4 comprises a 5200mAh battery which allows it to run through 200 minutes in a single charge and when it senses its low battery it recharges itself and resumes its working where he left which is very beneficial and time-saving. The E4 is perhaps the most convenient option in this range with all the features described above.


  • 2000Pa suction power
  • 5200mAh battery
  • 200 run time
  • App and voice control
  • 640ml dustbin


  • Higher airflow enables it to clean on carpets
  • Large size bin does not require to be emptied often.
  • Best at navigation
  • Silent in working
  • Cleans adequately.


  • Does not have next level navigation advancements as other models and also not efficient at edge cleaning.

Summary for Best Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Best PickRoomba i7
Check Price
iRobot Roomba E5
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Budget PickRoborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Check Price

Buying Guide for Best Robot Vacuum for High Pile Carpet 2022

If you are going to buy a robot vacuum for thick carpet cleaning purposes then here are a few considerations you need to look upon before spending your money.

Battery time

While choosing a robot for thick carpets you need to have a stance on the battery timing because many bots are offering huge powered batteries but the thing to consider is how much time it run and how much time it takes to recharge because thick carpets require extra pressure and suction which will decrease the run time.


A bot with HEPA filters will help to retain more debris than a non-HEPA filter vacuum because HEPA filters are the newest in the market and costly as well but they performed well in cleaning chores.

Dual surface recommendation

Many robots are labeled best for cleaning hardwood and tiles and not good enough in carpets so you should consider the description or reviews if you are choosing for a carpet because those will require extra suction and power than normal cleaners. Bots specifically for carpet cleaning may a bit expensive than others.


Another thing to look upon is how well features it is providing. Obviously when you are spending money then there would be enough smart features that will not require your interference in the cleaning. Many robot vacuums offer app and voice operation rather than the conventional remote control and have multiple cleaning options, navigation and map system, multi-purpose sensors to prevent any damage to the bot itself and furniture.

Also, there are bots having schedule cleaning which enables them to clean on a fixed timing whether you are at home or not.


Size would be another important consideration for this purchase. A small size robot vacuum is convenient to clean under low base furniture because it can move easily under them and provide efficient cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do robot vacuums work on high pile carpet?

It depends on the robot vacuum. Generally speaking, most robots can work on high pile carpets. High pile carpet does not tend to pose any obstacles for these machines because the carpets typically provide enough clearance for under-robotic devices like a brush or a suction device. It is of course critical that you use the right tools in order to ensure that your specific product will function appropriately. You should consult your manual and make sure that you have chosen settings that are appropriate for your surface type.

What is the best vacuum for deep pile carpets?

The best vacuum for a deep pile carpet can vary depending on the individual. However, a vacuum with power and an adjustable floor nozzle is a great place to start for anyone who has deep carpeting.

On carpets such as Berber or shag, you will want to have a vacuum that reaches deeply into the fibers of the rug with its power; in this way, it’s possible to get up pet hair and other dirt that would be missed on thicker carpets. When looking at various models of vacuums made for these purposes, you’ll want one with an adaptable floor nozzle.

Which Roomba works best on carpet?

It depends on what surface it is going to be cleaning. The Roomba 550, 575, and 980 models Roombas are the best if you want your floor cleaned with the least amount of effort on your part.

These models have a few great attachments that make agitation smoother and work better than other Roombas when cleaning carpeted surfaces. For example, some attachments like “carpet” and “premium pet hair” can collect more dust particles than bare floors or hardwood surfaces for more thorough cleanings.

Roomba also has Deebot 501s which works well on most carpets but not as good as their pricier models so read reviews before buying.

Do Dyson vacuums ruin your carpet?

On the contrary, Dyson vacuums are the only vacuum cleaners designed to pick up all fine particles (ranging from thick pieces of hair or fur to ever-elusive pollen), meaning you’ll be able to lie back on your sofa without fear of shifting anything and scaring yourself with some newfound dirt.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” vacuum cleaner in terms of damaging your carpet – mechanized vacuums just don’t behave well on most floor surfaces. And on carpets, those that have deep naps will wear out quickest, as they provide less resistance when rolling over them.

Is it bad to vacuum your carpet every day?

Vacuuming a carpet can be best for reducing things from getting trapped in the fibers of a carpet. Cleaning anything too much may have adverse effects, but vacuum cleaners are designed to remove dirt and dust without damaging surfaces. The downside is that vacuuming can spread odors more quickly, which is why emptying out a vacuum cleaner or changing its bag after it gathers too much is necessary.

It’s also important to note that carpets trap dust mites as well as allergens like pollen and animal dander because the fibers are enclosed within the material when new and remain closed while we walk on them each day. That means our pets may be contributing to conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and schizophrenia, so it’s good to vacuum daily.


Some people forget that they have to clean the floors, but not anymore! Robot vacuums are here and it couldn’t be easier. These robots offer dual cleaning abilities, automatic rechargeability so you never need to worry about running out of battery power in the middle of a job, and resuming workability for when your robot has finished its task or if there’s something new on your floor.

Each model varies in features so make sure you look at one that offers what works best for you because different types perform differently depending upon surface type like hardwood or tile versus carpeting. Here in this article, we have reviewed the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet, so choose wisely and ease your life!

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