Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood 2022 | Reviews and Buying Guides

We all have carpets and hardwood floors in different areas at home. It creates the need of buying the best robot vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood floors at the same time.

Carpets and hardwood floors require slightly different types of cleaning but this is extremely unwise to buy a different robot vacuum for both of these. There are Robot vacuums that are capable of cleaning carpets and hardwood floors at the same time with high efficiency. But to select the one that is best for both, one needs to know the features that are required to be in a robot vacuum to make it compatible for both carpet and hardwood floors at the same time.

At a Glance:

Can robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpet?

Yes, a robot vacuum can easily handle both but if you buy the right product. otherwise, you may get into trouble because there are some robot vacuums that can specifically clean the one either carpet or hardwood but poor for the other. Buy the one best robot vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood and it will clean both of them efficiently.

I have researched a lot to choose the best vacuum robots for carpets and hardwood floors. As these are expensive products overall, to eliminate the chance of enlisting any average product I based my research on practical testing. Go through the article, buy any of them that suits your needs and you will never regret buying it.

Out Recommendations for Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood

DesignHome improvementRetailer
iRobot Roomba 675
Check Price
Roborock S5
Check Price
Staff PickShark Empty XL RV1001AE
Check Price
Best Pickeufy by Anker – RoboVac 11S
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Roborock E35
Check Price
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Budget PickiRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)
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iRobot Roomba 675

Cleaning different floor surfaces requires a robot vacuum to detect the surfaces and adjust the height. The iRobot Roomba 675 has an auto-adjust cleaning head that can detect the different surfaces and can adapt the height accordingly. We all have different floor surfaces at home, as in some places we have carpets and in some other places, there is a hardwood floor. We cannot buy different robot vacuums for every other floor surface. This feature of adapting height has primary importance.

It has dual multi-surface brushes that can remove dirt efficiently from the carpet and hardwood floor. These brushes also prevent hair wrap, so it is good if you have pets at home. It also can detect the messy areas at your home that require more cleaning by its dirt detector system. Messy areas require more cleaning than other parts, so it detects them and does thorough cleaning on those spots. Not only it detects, but it also suggests! It suggests you do more cleaning when there is some change in the environment like shedding or allergy season.

Cleaning around the edges and corners requires special attention. This robot vacuum has a side brush that cleans the edges and corners effectively. It knows your home by its intelligent navigation system. It makes it convenient for you to create the settings for this robot vacuum on the iRobot home app, this app enables you to control your robot vacuum. it also can be controlled by Amazon Alexa and google assistant. Along with a strong navigation system, it also has a complete suite of sensors. Sensors empower this robot vacuum to prevent collision and falling down. It does not last here; it also has a self-charging system. When the battery is down, it returns back to its base for charging and continues again after it is fully charged.


  •  Auto-adjusting cleaning head
  • dual multi-surface main brushes, and side brush
  • Dirt detect technology
  • Intelligent navigation system
  • Self-charging


  • It does not include accessories

Roborock S5

Its 2000pa strong suction gives it matchless power to clean the carpets, while its 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping system makes it best for all types of floors including hardwood floors. The mopping system consists of a Botanical bionic design that maintains a steady flow of water outlet that is sufficient for efficient mopping but leaves no water stains behind or when it is on rest.

It has a floating main brush, rolling brushes, and side brushes, they all work together in their own specified domain to give a complete and quick cleaning. Powerful fans work like a cyclone 3D system, with 2000pa strong suction. The side brushes are designed to clean corners and edges efficiently but not to interfere with the cleaning system in central places. To attain this efficiency, side brushes spin at 330rpm speed when cleaning on edges and corners and reduce speed up to 130rpm while in the center to not interfere with regular cleaning particularly to avoid dust dispersal.

The more your robot vacuum is good in navigation, the more features it offers you as modes or settings. It has a very strong navigation system and it creates a real-time of your home. Install the app on your smartphone and enjoy a variety of settings using that map and also enjoy the variety of modes. You can create virtual walls or barriers where there are no real boundaries. Like you, if you have an open kitchen and you want it to clean the kitchen area only, draw a boundary line on the map. You can set forbidden or no-go-area zones, where you don’t want the robot vacuum to go. The modes it offers are; mopping, carpet, turbo, quiet, and max. When it’s a hardwood floor, you can select the mopping mode for more efficient cleaning, and when you need to clean the carpet, just turn the carpet mode on. It can also detect the carpet. When it reaches the carpet, the suction power automatically reaches its maximum, and when it leaves the carpet it gets back to its previous suction power setting.

The 5200mAh battery gives a long runtime of 150minutes. It can clean your whole home with a single charge. It has high-efficiency E11 filters that make sure that you get healthy cleaning at home. These are specifically recommended if you have pets at home, as these filters capture pet dander. It has four cliff sensors that prevent it from falling.


  • 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping
  •  E11 filters
  • High efficiency
  • 2000pa strong suction and 5200mAh battery
  • Strong navigation, cliff sensors, 5modes


  • Poor customer care service
Staff Pick

Shark Empty XL RV1001AE

It has a self-cleaning brush roll that enables it to clean all the mess with high efficiency. The long hairs, pet mess, or other specific mess either on the carpet or on the hardwood floor that can be a challenge for other robot vacuums are easy tasks for this robot vacuum. It also has dual side brushes for thorough cleaning of corners and edges. This robot vacuum has filters in it that capture the allergens and pet dander and ensure that you live not in a clean but also in a healthy environment.

You can schedule the cleaning routine on the app. Total home mapping enables you to select which room or area you need to clean and when. You will feel it like a living partner of yours because not only you can schedule the cleaning, you can also give instant commands. As it knows your home, you can tell it in your voice to clean some particular area. “go and clean my bedroom, go and clean around the table”, you can give it such commands and it will do accordingly. I just love this feature, and I bet you will love it too.

It does not clean randomly; it cleans row by row. Cleaning row by row leaves no chance of missing the areas to clean. It always knows where to go next. And yes, it has a self-charging system. When it gets out of charging, it returns back to the base itself for getting charged. After getting charged, it again starts to work where it left. Ok, not only self-charging but it also has a self-emptying feature. Yes, you read it right! It empties itself into the box at its base that can hold the debris for up to 30 days. You don’t need to think about cleaning for a whole month, and even after a month all you have to do is emptying the dirt box at the base.


  • Self-cleaning brush and dual side brushes
  • Self-charging and self-emptying (Holds debris up to 30days)
  • Voice control (give instant commands by just saying the words)
  • Row by row cleaning, schedule cleaning


  • No reported or observed drawbacks till date
Best Pick

eufy by Anker – RoboVac 11S

Apart from its unique features and intelligent cleaning, this is the one robot vacuum with the best and most positive customer feedback. It has an ultra-thin compact design with a three-point cleaning system that makes it perfect for both; carpet and hardwood floor. It has strong climbing power due to its large wheels, it can cross obstacles, climb high-pile carpets, and also can cross door ledges. Nothing can stop this robot vacuum cleaner. You don’t need to protect it as it can protect itself. It has drop-sensing technology that enables it to prevent falling from the stairs or any type of height.

It has three filters in total; a dual-layer filter and one high-performance filter that together ensure healthy cleanliness. They can capture allergens and pet dander. It offers multiple cleaning modes and also scheduled cleaning as well. Its large dust box does not require frequent emptying as compared to small dust boxes. It gives 100 mins of service when it is fully charged. Along with long battery run time, it also has a self-charging system, when it gets out of power, it goes back to the base itself for getting charged. Its ultra-thin design enables it to reach hard-to-access areas where other robot vacuums cannot reach. You can control it by a remote that is included in the package.


  • Three-point cleaning system
  • Ultra-thin design, climbing ability to cross door ledges
  • Different modes, scheduled cleaning, and remote control
  • Drop-sense technology, self-charging
  •  Standard suction mode (For hardwood floors)
  • Boost IQ mode (For carpets)
  • Positive customer feedback


  • No weaknesses have been reported or observed yet

Roborock E35

This powerful robot vacuum is equally efficient for carpet and hardwood floors. The features that make it best for carpet are; its 2000pa strong suction power and carpet mode, and its carpet boost technology. The carpet boost feature enables it to reach its maximum suction power when it reaches to carpet and detects it. When it leaves the carpet, it continues to work with previous suction power. And for the hardwood floor or even for all other floors what can be best then 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping. It can remove stubborn stains from all types of floors.

Its strong navigation system enables you to set route planning for it by using the app on your smartphone. You can plan the route, create artificial walls for open areas, and set the no-go-areas for the robot vacuum. It offers you to choose any of the six available modes on it. The six modes are; turbo, quiet, MAX balanced, mopping, and carpet. These add great convenience that you don’t need to follow a long process to fix the settings for a particular task. You can do it with a single tap of your finger.

The 52mAh battery gives you a long run time of 2.5 hours. Once it is fully charged, it can clean your whole home in a single go. But hold on, this is not all about the battery. It also offers a self-charging system. When the battery is low, it returns back to the docking station for charging. And it will resume cleaning where it left after getting charged. In case of the mess at any particular point, it can clean that particular spot specifically. Just push the button on the main device or on the app, it will clean the area about 1.2m diameter square around its location. It is best to remove the pet mess as well. its tangle-free design enables it to get rid of hair wrap, and its high-efficiency E11 filters capture the pet dander. The claim that it is best if you have pets makes sense! It has a complete suite of sensors that protect it from collision and falling.


  • Self-charging
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Carpet mode
  • 2000pa suction power. 5200mAh battery
  • Spot cleaning, six modes
  • Anti – tangle design, high efficiency E11 filters


  • App gives errors sometimes


Its 1600pa powerful suction and its wheels make it best for carpet and hardwood floors at the same time. The strong suction power enables it to pull all the dirt hidden deep in the carpet. It is a very thin robot vacuum so it can access the areas that are normally hard-to-reach for robot vacuums like it can easily go and clean under the bed, sofa, and other furniture. In short, dirt has no place to hide from this robot vacuum cleaner. It has various cleaning modes that cover all types of floors. Buy this one robot vacuum and hit all cleaning tasks. You also can schedule cleaning.

It has an intelligent protection system and smart movement system, which means falling and collisions have no chance. Intelligent protection system helps it with drop sense technology that prevents it from falling. The intelligent movement system enables it to detect furniture, so it will not collide with anything. Hence its smart design enables it to clean under the furniture, so it gives you thorough cleaning without colliding with any of your household items.

It has a high capacity battery that continuously works for two hours. When it runs out of charging, the robot vacuum gets back to its docking station for charging. This self-charging system gives great ease and peace of mind. Above all, it is ultra-quiet. You can even schedule the cleaning during your sleeping hours.


  • 1600pa suction power
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  •  Schedule cleaning
  • Thin and compact (cleans perfectly under the furniture)
  • Intelligent protection system, and intelligent movement system
  • 2hour battery time, self-charging system


  • Delayed customer service
Budget Pick

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)

It has dual multi-surface rubber brushes and 10 times more suction power that gives dirt and dust no escape. That can pull debris from everywhere, even the dirt that is hidden deep in carpets. Its anti-tangled dual multi-surface brushes are best to deal with long hairs as they can easily get rid of hair wrap. In fact, they don’t give a chance to get wrapped.

The robot vacuum with a strong navigation system means you will enjoy more modes, flexible settings, scheduling, and a lot more. It maps your home by its intelligent vSLAM navigation system that improves its efficiency and convenience. With its imprint smart mapping system enables it to know your home completely, it knows your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and all your areas. It cleans in rows leaving no chance to miss the dirt or dust. The app gives you great flexibility in scheduling the time for cleaning. You can customize the time for cleaning for every day of the week. It not only follows your commands but also suggests you according to the situation. When there are more allergens in the air, or it’s the shedding season of pets, it detects and suggests you more cleaning.

It is enabled for spot cleaning and voice commands. If you get a mess in some particular area, by using an app, Alexa, or google assistant you can give commands to your robot to clean that area. What a helpful companion is this!

By using the app, you can tell your robot vacuum to avoid the particular areas where you do not want it to go. It may be your kid’s room or your pet’s area. It offers self-charging, when the battery gets low it recharges itself by getting back to its base. You do not like emptying dust boxes frequently or even less frequently? You will love to know that it comes with a large dust box at the base. The robot vacuum empties itself into a dust box that can hold debris for up to 2 months. You need to empty the dust box after two whole months. This is lovely! Isn’t it?


  • Dual multi-surface rubber brushes
  •  vSLAM navigation system
  • Self-charging, self-emptying
  • Scheduled cleaning, voice commands
  • You can set no-go-areas


  • It offers no accessories

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best robot vacuum for your carpets and hardwood floors is tricky and it requires you to be smart. Here are some key features that you must look for before you buy one.

Strong suction power

This is the first thing that you need to check. Strong suction power ensures efficient cleaning. There is dirt hidden deep in the carpet, long hairs attached to carpets, or stick dirt, dust, or stains on the hardwood floor that cannot be pulled out without a strong suction power.

Large dust box

Who on the earth can like frequent service of emptying the dust boxes? Many people do not consider this feature important before buying, but they came to know its importance when they buy the one with a smaller dust box. Be wise, and consider it before you buy it.

Battery timing and self-charging

Too many pauses during cleaning are not good. Battery timing must be enough to clean the whole home when it is fully charged. Self-charging systems add extra ease. When the battery is low, this system enables the robot vacuum to get back to the base for charging. It frees you completely from doing anything about cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpet?

This depends on the model of your robot vacuum and if you have separate vacuum attachments for hardwood or carpet. In general, robot vacuums are not designed to go from one surface to another while cleaning like a traditional upright vacuum cleaner would because they don’t generate enough static electricity to pick up particles that don’t adhere well (like dust bunnies or hair) just by stirring them in the air as they drive around. The suction force can be better directed towards those particles with spinning brushes and bristle strips, which are more effective at gathering static-clinging types of dirt than driving forces.

Which robot vacuum works best on carpet?

It is difficult to get sufficient suction on the carpet with a robotic vacuum in order to clean it well. This degree of difficulty also slightly varies depending on the brand. While some robot vacuums are better than others, they will never be as effective at picking up dirt out of deep carpets as a device that was purpose-built for cleaning deep-pile carpets.

Which is better shark ion Robot vs Roomba?

There is no difference in the cleaning ability between the two cleaners. Shark Ion Robot Vacuum and Roomba Vacuum Cleaner are both high-quality vacuums with respect to their design, style, and cleanliness of your home. One really cannot tell which one is better than the other.
They both do a great job on all surfaces as they are designed to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, etc from the carpeting surfaces within your house or apartment building’s carpets. Shark Ion Robot has many advanced features such as anti-allergen complete seal technology that suck up dust particles you can’t see with the naked eye so if there is someone who suffers from allergies then they should choose this model.

Can a robot vacuum clean multiple floors?

No. A robot vacuum cleaner only has a limited number of vacuum suction settings, which limits what they can capture and clean based on the floor type. Because hardwood floors need more pressure from the vacuum than carpet does, one robot is not equipped to do both at once satisfactorily. They’re great for making quick messes, but might be impractical for your everyday vacuuming needs.

What robot vacuum has the strongest suction?

Suction power is measured in air watts, and Neato XV-21 has the most powerful ergo brush.
The second most effective robot vacuum for suction power is Roomba 980 with its AeroForce Cleaning Head. The three other bots are also worth mentioning – they take top spots 2000 through 5000 respectively on the suction ranking board.


One of the best ways to improve your life is with a robot vacuum. These devices clean up dirt, debris, pet hair and even stains without any help from you. The implications are pretty straightforward: enjoy cleaner floors in just seconds!

Some robots can map out the space for more efficient cleaning while others have sensors that allow them to navigate around obstacles like furniture or under it depending on what type they are. This article tells about some of the best robot vacuum for carpet and hardwood, learn about them and make your life at ease!

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