Best Nail Gun for Skirting Board in 2022 | Reviews and Buying Guide

What if I told you there was a nail gun that not only did the job of installing skirting boards but also acted as an all-in-one tool for construction? It seems like a dream come true! Well, this is exactly what Nail Gun has done for you. The nail gun features an integrated air compressor and uses high-quality nails designed specifically for hardwood floors. With this handy device, you can get your project done in no time at all!

We all know that when it comes to building a house, the list of materials needed can seem endless. From nails and screws to drywall and insulation, many tools make construction easier. A nail gun is a powerful tool used for fastening wood or other material pieces together by driving long nails through them using compressed air. They’re especially useful when you need to put up trim or skirting boards because they make the process much faster and easier.

At a Glance:

The nail gun is the perfect tool for hard-working builders, skilled craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts alike. With a battery or compressed air in tow, it makes driving nails into tough materials such as metal and wood an effortless affair with only two fingers! This reduces the risk of injury while increasing accuracy – all without any manual labor required to carry out these tasks. If you’re looking for the best nail gun for putting up skirting boards, then I have some good news: we’ve reviewed them in this article!

Our Recommendations for Best Nail Gun for Skirting Board

DesignHome improvementRetailer
Best PickMakita Gauge
Check Price
BOSTITCH Finish Nailer Kit
Check Price
Ryobi Finish Nailer
Check Price
Senco Finish Nailer
Check Price
Valu-Air Nailer and Stapler
Check Price
Staff PickDEWALT MAX XR Finish Nailer
Check Price
Straight Finish Nailer
Check Price
Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit
Check Price
Budget PickMAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit
Check Price
Best Pick

Makita Gauge

Are you looking for an affordable nail gun that can be powerful and efficient? If so, this straight finish nailer is a perfect choice. With a quick-loading mechanism as well as rear loading magazines, it will take little time to complete your project!

The Makita AF601 nail gun is a durable tool that will keep you safe from unexpected mishaps. The safety features on this product are second to none, with the nail-lock mechanism and easy loading magazine being just two of them. A rugged design ensures it can withstand some tough job sites while also providing utmost comfort for your hand during use so fatigue doesn’t set in as soon as possible after beginning work!

This fantastic nail gun has been designed by industry experts specifically with professional carpenters and tradesmen in mind – delivering excellent performance time after time without ever compromising its durability or power output. With an ergonomic shape comfortable enough even for prolonged periods of use, sturdy construction is able to handle any job site conditions thrown.

You can now work with a breeze at your back, thanks to the multi-directional exhaust port and built-in air duster. The airflow is intelligently directed in different directions by an adjustable exhaust outlet that sits on top of this unit’s powerful motorized fan for increased convenience and comfort.


  • Used by professionals
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • Heavy looks

BOSTITCH Finish Nailer Kit

The BOSTITCH BCN662D1 is a great tool for any beginner or professional builder. This model comes with an adjustable driver and a narrow nose design to help achieve precise nail placements. Construction workers can easily use this finish nailer on smaller jobs without worrying about visibility!

The product is equipped with a brushless motor that provides less noise and an efficient lifespan. It also offers better visibility thanks to the multifunctional LED lights feature, which allows you to see in dark areas where there might not be any other light source available.

As a fellow contractor and the proud owner of one, I can attest to how convenient my new nailer is. No more lugging around gas cans or having to deal with dirty nails in between jobs!


  • Has no compressor
  • Cordless
  • Easy handling


  • A bit tricky in operation

Ryobi Finish Nailer

Ryobi P330 is an angled nailer and boasting its Airstrike technology, it is so lightweight that you don’t even need a noisy compressor or bulky hose. Even though it’s quite heavy to hold for long periods, this tool works perfectly for installing stair treads and exterior trims that are difficult to reach with other tools like hammers or saws. With angled finish nails in your arsenal, you can easily use this nailer indoors where space is limited–no more waiting around as your helper struggles on his backside!

Amazingly this P330 is one of the most sought-after cordless nailers on the market, thanks to its powerful 4Ah high capacity Lithium Battery. The battery can drive up to 750 nails per charge and also accepts any 15 gauge nails from 1 inch all the way through 2.5 inches in length!


  • No noise
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use


  • The charger is not given with the product

Senco Finish Nailer

Senco has been in the business of manufacturing nail guns for quite some time and many customers have voiced their displeasure with the mediocre design. In this newest model, they made a huge improvement by improving how users grip it while using it as well as adding an adjustable trigger to make things easier on your thumb!

Made out of magnesium, you can trust that Senco’s new FinishPro 42XP will get any job done quickly without issue because of its sturdy framework which provides stability when nailing down anything from decking boards to trim pieces around windows or doorways.

The EZ-Latch will always make it easy to get the perfect depth, and with Neverlube pads, this drill is sure not to damage any work surfaces. To keep your work surface safe from scratches or scuffs, there’s Never Lube technology as well with no-mar pads available in case something goes wrong while working on that project at home!


  • Stylish design
  • Very quiet
  • Sturdy and quality built


  • Portability is a problem

Valu-Air Nailer and Stapler

Valu-Air is a nail gun manufacturer that has been in the business for over 30 years. Their newest model, “The Shark,” was designed with features to make your work even easier and faster than ever before! Get a grip on your trim and paneling without the hassle of getting rid of jammed nails with this handy nailer.

I suppose one could go so far as to say that you’ll be able to get all those projects done sooner than later thanks in part due to its quick jam clearing tool-free nose latch, directional air exhausted for added comfort while using it, and ergonomic rubber-grip handle which is sure not only make things simpler but also comfortable too!


  • Value for money
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy operation handling


  • Nail reloading is a bit tricky
Staff Pick

DEWALT MAX XR Finish Nailer

DEWALT is far from just a regular, boring power tool. The sleek design of the DEWALT 20V Max XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Hammer drill makes it uniquely suited for construction professionals who require tools that can handle tight corners and narrow spaces with ease. It has some great features such as its brushless motor which provides longer service life due to less wear and tear on key components like brushes.

It is battery-powered so you won’t ever have to worry about finding another outlet while working or running out of juice at inconvenient times! the trigger is easily changeable between contact and sequential modes depending on your preference. The inline magazine allows you to use it in smaller spaces, which can be a drawback for some guns.


  • Cordless
  • Without any compressor
  • Perfect battery timings


  • A bit tricky to use

Straight Finish Nailer

With the NuMax SFN64, you’ll never have to worry about bending a nail or hitting your fingers. Durable and lightweight with an impressive price tag, it’s no wonder this is one of the best baseboard guns on today’s market!

The nail gun is a lifesaver that comes with many features, like quick jam release and sequential triggers to make your time more efficient. With a deep adjuster, you can work at ease because the nails only fire when the safety tip touches the surface!


  • Easy on pocket
  • Durable and compatible
  • Easily portable


  • It should be cleaned daily

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT is an industry-leading manufacturer for its products in the infrastructure and business industries. They are known worldwide because of all that they have done in these two sectors, but one product should not be overlooked: Nail guns!

This small, lightweight air duster is perfect for the person that needs to get into some tight spaces. The adjustable exhaust port directs all of the dirt and debris away from your workspace so you can work in peace!

This nailer is great for tight corners as well, and it has a tool-free depth adjustor to improve accuracy. This will let you spend less time on your projects because of the ease with which this item can be used!


  • Value for money
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Adjusting firing depth is tricky
Budget Pick

MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE knows that a lot of people are looking for the best nail gun in an affordable price range. As such, they offer their PCC790LA cordless 100% battery power model which is also rather lightweight at just 6 lbs and easy to use with dual triggers on this lithium-ion powered unit, so you can get your work done quickly and without hassle.

The 4Ah capacity of the nail gun makes it a great buy for heavy users. One charge will get you up to 1,000 nails and even if this tool is on the heavier end when compared with other models, it’s easy as pie to transport since it doesn’t need a cord or gas! The LED lights that come with your purchase are also perfect for people who work in dimly lit places-you’ll be able to keep working no matter what!


  • Longest hour battery
  • Safe
  • No daily maintenance required


  • Design should be sleeker

Buying Guide of Best Nail Gun for Skirting Board

The world of nail guns and nails is daunting. There is a lot to choose from, but don’t fret! Here’s how you do it:

  • If you’re looking for a nail gun, there are six types to choose from depending on the job at hand. Generally speaking, framers and roofing nail guns are suited better for heavier projects such as framing or fencing whereas finish nails and brad nails work best with more delicate small trim jobs like window frames or crown moldings. If all you need is something quick that won’t leave holes in your walls while installing cabinet doors then go ahead and grab yourself a pin nailer- it should be perfect!
  • Having to carry around a heavy air compressor and hoses is not always practical. Luckily there are other options for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, including cordless nail guns powered by a battery which make it easy to move from job site to job site without having all that bulky equipment weighing you down.
  • When comparing nail guns, it’s important to take notes about the depth adjuster that helps you control how deep nails are driven into a surface. The directional exhauster also provides for a comfortable and safe workspace while eliminating jams.
  • It is important to have the right-sized nail for your task. The size of a screw can be determined by its gauge, meaning that 18-gauge nails are thinner than 23-gauge nails because they measure in at different diameters on either side. This would mean all sorts of things depending on what job you’re doing: an 18-gauge nail could work well with crown molding or delicate trim while someone who needs more power might need a 15 -gaurel and heavier-duty construction jobs like baseboard installation will require something even thicker such as 3/4 inch screws!
  • Price is a factor that should be considered, and it’s only natural for the high-quality item to come with an expensive price tag–but surprisingly there are also some inexpensive nail guns with impressive features you may not know about! Usually, these products come from new brands or companies who haven’t been in business too long so they don’t have many customers yet.
  • It’s important to know how long you’re covered for a warranty before buying something. You need to check out the coverage and process of making claims with previous buyers, or else you might spend time waiting on your tool while it goes through repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a nail gun on skirting boards?

The answer to this question depends on size, material, and location. It is possible to use a nail gun (or other tools) specifically made for installing skirting boards but this does not mean it should be done with all boards. In general, thin lightweight boards may work better because they are easier to work with and are more versatile than heavy-nailed varieties. It’s important to know the type of board that is being used before making an installation decision.

What nail gun is used for baseboards?

The nail gun used for installing baseboards is an electric nail gun. These are usually available at home improvement stores and they’re easy to use!

Putting the nails in the pre-determined spots requires a little precision (a common framing tool might help) but with this electric tool, all you have to do is press down a button. If you don’t want any nails left over, then make sure not to shoot them too deep or too close together – remember that there will be typically about 2 inches from one nail to another when you install baseboards.

Should I get a brad or finish nailer?

That’s right, finishing nails are the solution to all of your nail problems. They’re stronger than brads plus they create a smoother finish on wood or cardboard surfaces!

Should I glue or nail skirting boards?

When it comes to attaching skirting boards, you need to create an edging perimeter that’s completely smooth. For a small piece of wood, I would recommend applying glue because the boards will fit snuggly together and be more solid than nails. Glue is often also quicker and easier as it dries much quicker than if using nails in which you’ll need longer before proceeding with other jobs. So if the piece isn’t too heavy, I would suggest gluing rather using screws or nails.

What’s best for sticking skirting boards?

If the surface is clean and dry, you can use a hot iron to stick it in place. If the surface is wet, you’ll need to use contact adhesive. It’s best to allow two hours of drying time before putting the iron on it.

Take care not to get any glue on adjacent surfaces like stairs or electrical cables – press firmly down into all four corners of the skirting board with your palms to ensure full coverage of glue on the back. And then let it dry for at least 24 hours before putting anything heavy on top so that there won’t be loose parts from where there was excessive blobs overflow.


The nail gun at your fingertips is the key to making all of your projects and home repair jobs a breeze! There’s an enormous variety available, but choosing which one may seem like too much work. With our help though, you can find what best suits both you and the job that needs to be done with ease so get ready for some easy-peasy DIY action.

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