Best Water Rowing Machine [Rower Machine with Water 2022]

In this world, where everyone uses rowing machines to keep themselves in shape, we do not know which rowing machine is right anymore. Today I am going to let you know about the best water rowing machines.

The best of the best rowing machines are water rowing machines. Water rowing machines use water resistance as a rowing mechanism. It delivers a unique yet very realistic rowing experience. With its splashing sound of water, it resembles the real calm yet satisfying feeling of rowing on water.

At a Glance:

Talking about the history of rowing machines, the Water rowing machine was invented in 1972 by W.B Curtis for rowing athletes to have the best training and experience in the off-season. Later they become home workout equipment.

There is a widespread problem with rowing machines. They are not much like actual rowing machines. The movement still might be the same, but there is not any water involved. This lack of water does not give you a satisfying exercise experience. On the other hand, water rowing machines use water resistance instead of air resistance, magnetic resistance, or hydraulic resistance.

Benefits of using a Water Rowing Machine!

If you can do rowing in real life, then you should go for it. Sadly in this fast world of ours, it is not possible. Busy cities do not have lakes and the presence of peace. That’s why a water rowing machine is our best option available. It gives you a real-life rowing experience without you going out of your home.

Some water rowing machines are premium pieces of equipment, and others are more budget-friendly. You have to pick one for yourselves, which suits your needs.

Our Recommendations for Best Water Rowing Machine

DesignHealth & BeautyRetailer
Best PickMr. Captain Water Rowing Machine
Check Price
Rudolf- Best Water Rowing Machines
Check Price
WaterRower Club- Water Resistance Rowing Machines
Check Price
Merax- WaterRower Rowing Machine
Check Price
Staff PickSunny Health and Fitness- Rower Machine with Water
Check Price
House Fit- Best Water Rower
Check Price
Budget PickMaxKare- Water Rowing Machine for Sale
Check Price
Best Pick

Mr. Captain Water Rowing Machine

This is a sleek yet powerful water rowing machine. It is one of the best available devices in the market. Its package includes a rowing machine, an electric pump, a protective cover. This machine will provide you comfortable yet premium quality exercise by its ergonomic seat.

Its active recoil system will give you a smooth and satisfying ride. It also has height adjustable footplates with straps that can hold you for long exercise sessions.

The frame of this rowing machine comes with a warranty for a year. Other components, such as repair parts, accessories, and assembling parts, are guaranteed to be free from defects for 180 days after the purchase date.

Its large dimensions make this a massive piece of equipment. If you are buying this, then you have to dedicate some space to this. This machine is made up of oak wood. The classic color and elegant design are one of its kind. This beautiful yet classic machine will be a charming spot to exercise in your home.

The company intentionally builds its colossal design. They wanted to provide a real-life rowing experience by giving this huge dimension horizontally. Water-resistance, combined with this design, gives you a real-life rowing experience.

It has a thickened water tank. There is no way that you find water leakage while using this machine. Its deluxe ergonomic wooden handle is attached to the fiber conveyor belt. This gives you a very smooth stroke. This smooth stroke, combined with water resistance, gives you an exercise that uses your every major muscle. This machine, like all the other rowing machines, will use 84% of your body muscles.

It has a Bluetooth monitor, which can help you know how much healthier you are getting daily. You can switch between its three modes, which are; Manual, Interval Custom, and Target Mode. You can connect LCD to an application, which is available on both android and ios.

The monitor can display:

  • Pulse rate
  • Distance display
  • Calories burnt
  • Time display
  • Stroke rate per minute
  • Rowing stroke

It has wheels built in which can be used to store this device easily. Its Oak wooden frame is covered with aluminum rails, which allows you to have a maximum user weight of 320 pounds. Suppose you are worried about filling the water tank, then do not. They have provided an electric pump to fill it up.

The electric pump is rechargeable by a USB cable, which will last forever. You can easily adjust the resistance level by adding more water with an electric pump.

Or you can remove water and make this machine less resistible.


  • Comes with an electric pump
  • Easy to put together
  • Long-lasting material


  • Might take a lot of space
  • Can not hold more than 320 pounds
  • You might find problems with the monitor.

Rudolf- Best Water Rowing Machines

This water rowing machine is such an eye stealer. It is made with oak wood, which ensures this machine’s longevity—having aluminum rails as tracks that hold its 3d ergonomic seat cushion; The most comfortable seat cushion.

You will not feel tired if you sit for a long exercise session. The smooth aluminum tracks pull your seat as smooth as possible. It mimics the dynamic rowing across. The center is held with two wheels. These wheels are of premium quality, which improves your workout experience.

It has non-slip and adjustable footplates. They are rich in texture. They hold your feet for a long session. The oval button between the middle of these footplates gives you the flexibility to move and adjust foot holders up and down according to your need.

It features transport wheels, making it very easy to transport it when you are running out of space. If you decide not to store this, then you do not have any problem. Its beautiful design and drop like curves are such exquisite craftsmanship which promises that this will not be equipment but a piece of furniture.

This machine comes with a water filling electric pump, which helps you to fill the water tank as much as you like. You can change its resistance by filling more water. A level suggested on the water tank to fill it helps you have the expected resistance.

You can put this together very quickly as it comes with all the tools and manual instructions. This package comes in two boxes. One box includes the water tank, which is 48.4 pounds. Another box has a machine with accessories and other things.

This comes with a dustproof and waterproof cover, which adds an extra layer of protection to your equipment. You can leave this equipment outside in the rain and not worry about it because a waterproof cover will not get it socked in the pouring rain.

The Bluetooth monitor allows you to track your exercise. This monitor can be connected with their application, which is available on both android and ios. You can look for your stroke time, calories burnt, and many other things in this monitor.

The frame comes with a warranty of 1 year, and other things such as accessories and parts are said to be defect-free for 180 days after purchase.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Come with cover
  • Furniture like design


  • User weight capacity of 320 pounds
  • Monitor not reliable
  • Belt is fragile

WaterRower Club- Water Resistance Rowing Machines

This is a beast of a machine and good value for money. Water rower is the most popular brand known for water rowing machines out there. This is a product by them.

Craftsmen handcraft this product in the United States from solid ash wood. This process needs focus and determination, along with talent. I can assure you that the company’s craftsmen have done a very splendid job to put this elegant piece of equipment together.

This product is finished with a black and rose stain of Danish oil. This adds another touch of beauty and elegance to this equipment. Solid ash construction absorbs sound and vibrations. It is designed for high traffic areas.

Like its style and its beauty in its framework, it has done an excellent job in its water tank by giving a water flywheel there. The Flywheel sits inside enclosed water tanks and replicates actual rowing while providing smooth, quiet, and self-regulated resistance.

Flywheel consists of two paddles; these paddles create a real-life rowing experience. This works similarly to real-life rowing because as we paddle faster, more resistance is created. If we paddle slower, there will be less resistance, just like real rowing. Your power and how you can handle the drag is the only limit you have on how easily you can row.

Its slim design does not need to be hidden from anyone. But if you ever feel like doing this, they have wheels for transportation to store this upright.

The monitor can track the following thing.

  • Your workout intensity
  • Stroke rate
  • Heart rate
  • Zone bar
  • Duration
  • Distance

This comes in two boxes. The first box is 60 labs, and the 2nd box is approximately 25 labs. You have to assemble it by yourself. It can be a little hard to make this piece of equipment, as this comes with many parts.4 AA batteries are required to run this, which comes with the machine.

You will not regret buying this premium piece of equipment. This will give you a real-life rowing experience throughout your long exercise sessions.

Sadly the company does not offer any warranty on anything, so we would ask you to buy their protection plan by filing a simple form. They offer a two years plan and a three years plan.


  • Furniture like design
  • Longevity
  • Classic style
  • Easy to store


  • Wheel issues
  • Not easy to assemble

Merax- WaterRower Rowing Machine

This beautiful piece of equipment will be a very splendid addition to your home. It is made of Alloy steel and comes in black color. The solid steel construction makes this machine a hardcore workout equipment. This all makes this machine to hold up to 330 lbs of weight.

This machine has a uniquely inclined water tank that ensures more powerful resistance than other flat-positioned water tanks. This water tank has six levels of resistance. With its dashing blue color and splashing sound of water, this tank is nothing like old stuff in the market.

This aqua blue tank is very satisfying to hear, giving you the pleasure of real rowing. This mimics the actual rowing by all the means, and the built-in resistance levels promise you the best exercise experience.

Its sizable comfortable seat gives the best experience possible for your exercises. Your long, intense workout will feel effortless when you will be comforted with this seat. The solid steel rail makes it trouble-free to exercise for long hours.

A multi-feature large LCD monitor correctly displays your real-time workout experience. This is very user friendly and only comes with six buttons. If you do not want to get into the trouble of adjusting everything on the LCD display, then it has a simple start and end button.

This will help you start rowing immediately; if you are a competitor and want competition, congratulations. This machine has a self-competition mode, which will allow you to compete against yourself.

This LCD can track things like

  • Duration
  • Stroke count
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance covered
  • Heart rate

You can fill the water tank according to your desire. You can adjust resistance levels with the funnel and siphon, which comes with the package. This saves you a lot of time. You can fill the water tank as quickly as possible.

Its 12 inches long footrest with fully adjustable velcro straps secures your feet for long and intense workouts. It has wheels that make this machine compact and easy to store. Wheels allow you to roll this machine very quickly. So buy this now.


  • Unique inclined water tank
  • Six resistance levels
  • Easy to store


  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet
  • You may find this a little loud.
  • The water tank may leak.
  • No Bluetooth
Staff Pick

Sunny Health and Fitness- Rower Machine with Water

This company is very much famous for its rowing machines. It is made with lightweight, sturdy steel for reliable performance and durability. No product can match its black glossy look. High-end features and longevity.Home recruitment which gives you a gym-like feeling.

It has a flywheel built inside the water tank. Water produces a seamless and rewarding rowing experience with every stroke of extreme resistance that reaches flywheels and fan blades. These 16 hydro blades imitate the complex motions of actual rowing.

You will have an excellent long exercise session, which will make your muscles have a gym-like workout feeling. This machine hits all the major muscles in your body, which helps you lose weight by burning all those calories you have as fats.

Its ergo-efficient, molded seat is built to be practical and convenient. The high-profile seat helps people get on and off the chair without leaning and straining their backs. Now you do not have to worry about getting tired in your long, intense exercise sessions.

Fitness technology, the R2 fitness meter, is designed for tracking down all the essential workout data. The screen display can showcase distance to motivate you towards your goal—time to achieve your destination sooner. There is a scan mode which is very convenient and shows all of you.

Six buttons on display make it easy to use. With a start and stop button, it is only a matter of touch to start or stop exercising. It can be attached with external heart rate belts or watches to give you more accurate data about your heart pulse when exercising.

Non-Slippery highly textured footpads with nylon straps are best to hold your feet with comfort. Velcro braces should be tailored to the width of the foot. At the same time, the pedals are pivoting for total stability and comfort.

You probably do not want your machine to be unbalanced and wobbling when you are working out. They gave a foot stabilizer, which is very easy to use to match the floor’s level. Plus, transportation wheels are convenient if you want to store the device.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Flywheel with blades
  • People over 49 inseams can use this easily.


  • Leakage problem
  • Handle problem
  • No Bluetooth

House Fit- Best Water Rower

This velvety black colored rowing machine is one of its kind. It has a solid build, which is designed by experts. It can bear a maximum user capacity of 330lbs. This device’s strength can be judged by the number of stabilizers, which are two given in it. They help this machine to carry maximum weight. The stabilizer keeps this machine in place when you are working out for long hours.

The frame itself is made up of high-quality steel covered stainless rail.No touch magnetic resistance, which makes it more comfortable and smooth to workout. This will be the perfect water rowing machine for your home.

The flat yet comfortable ergonomic seat cushion supports your back. At the same time, you are working out for long hours. You will not feel like leaving it in the middle of your exercise because the absolute comfort will be enough to stick you with the seat.

The water tank has a flywheel and blades which shatters every drop of water—providing you with the best possible real-life rowing experience. To your surprise, this rowing machine has six levels of water resistance. This will fit different workout plans from beginner to expert. You are making it enjoyable for everyone who is rowing.

It has adjustable non-slippery foot pedals with adjustable straps on it. This foot pedal can fit different sizes of feet. Easy to customize according to your needs. This provides stability and safety when you are working out. The comfort will never be compromised.

When you want to start working out, you do not wish to struggle to track it down. Keeping this in mind, the company has built a simple yet very functional LCD monitor. The angle of this LCD monitor can be adjusted. According to your height, you can adjust the monitor where you can read the values easily.

Talking of values, this displays various things like

  • Time Count
  • Distance in Km
  • Speed
  • Scan
  • Calories burnt

There are built-in wheels, which makes it very easy to transport and carry. You can store this upright and bring in down anytime you need to exercise. It is very compact in design.

The company has given one year of warranty on any part if it gets broken within this period. There is nothing more reasonable than having protection on your equipment.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid frame material
  • Compact design


  • The flywheel may get broken
  • Little loud
  • Bluetooth not available
Budget Pick

MaxKare- Water Rowing Machine for Sale

This water rowing machine is made up of alloy steel, which ensures its excellent quality and longevity of it. This rowing machine is made with a design that gives you a real-life rowing feeling. Each stroke feels as real as possible, and this makes your rowing experience challenging.

This water rower is fully ergonomic design, easy to hold and operate. Any adult or teenager weighing around 270 labs can use this very quickly. With its black color and beautifully engineered structure, it is nothing less than a gym equipment piece. With its steel frame, this is so strong of equipment. It is sturdy and durable.

Its water tank mimics the actual rowing experience. You will surely love the calm and relaxing sound of water. This will remind you of the lakes and natural beauty. In this fast world and busy cities, it is hard to reconnect with nature. But this machine can somehow reconnect you with nature.

Its ergonomic designed seat gives you an effortless yet comfortable rowing experience. This, combined with its aluminum rail, can go as smoothly as possible. Its adjustable foot paddles give you the flexibility to adjust it by five pairs of holes. Its textured can will not let your foot slip. Plus, it has adjustable straps that secure your foot in place.

It has a fully foamed padded handle that is comfortable. Gives you a sturdy grip, which can make your long exercise session comfortable. This allows a broader range of motion to maximize the upper body workout. Every newbie and expert and enjoy this feature according to their needs.

We often feel dehydrated when we are exercising. We have to go and have a glass of water to continue your exercise, but it’s not the same with this machine. It has a water bottle holder that keeps you hydrated on the spot. You do not have to stop exercising and break your continuity to drink water. It is at your fingertips.

It is not easy to move this machine all by yourself—That’s why they have given you built-in wheels to transport it very quickly. You can store this anywhere you want. It is suggested to keep this upright, so this will not take so much space at your home.

This has a considerable LCD monitor. This large LCD monitor can track all your fitness data. It has a man-machine competitive mode, which can make your exercise more challenging.

This can track features like:

  • Time duration
  • Distance covered
  • SPM, stroke per minute
  • Calories burnt
  • Stroke count

Every rowing stroke consists of three primary mechanisms to produce power. They consist of legs, hips, and finally, the arms. There is a misconception that I would like to clear. People think that this is a dominant leg exercise, but it is not. It uses almost 84% of your major body muscle. So this is the best cardio exercise which you can have at home.


  • So much easy to assemble
  • Resistance is smooth
  • Easy to use the monitor


  • No Bluetooth
  • Foot pedals are not reliable
  • You may find it loud.

Summary for Best Water Rowing Machine

DesignHealth & BeautyRetailer
Best PickMr. Captain Water Rowing Machine
Check Price
Rudolf- Best Water Rowing Machines
Check Price
WaterRower Club- Water Resistance Rowing Machines
Check Price
Merax- WaterRower Rowing Machine
Check Price
Staff PickSunny Health and Fitness- Rower Machine with Water
Check Price
House Fit- Best Water Rower
Check Price
Budget PickMaxKare- Water Rowing Machine for Sale
Check Price

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a water rower last?

Water rowers can last for five years without any maintenance. If you can maintain them, they can stay for as long as 10 to 15 years. If any part breaks and you think of keeping it, this will cost you some money.

For example: if a water tank breaks, that can cost you 200$ alone.

How do you empty a water tank?

If you want to drain the water or refill the reservoir, just put the empty container next. Insert the siphon solid tubing into the water tank. Pump a few primes once again. All the job is achieved through gravity.

There is also another method that is pretty much easy and straightforward. Just have an electric pump and empty or fill water with it. Many water rowing machines come with an electric pump.

Is water rower any good?

The water rowing machine is a splendid exercise machine. This can last for a very long time. It has a sleek design and exceptionally smooth action. This is effortless to move and store with its built-in wheels. It is beneficial for people with knee problems but not very good for people with back problems.

How much does a water rower weigh?

The average water rower weighs around 117 pounds. Many water rowers come with a one-year warranty on the frame and 180 days warranty on the parts. However, you can upgrade your security by filling out some forms.

What muscle does a water rowing machine work?

The water rowing machine works on your muscles like any other rowing machine. The water rowing machine works with significant muscles like the upper back, front of your thighs, back of your thighs, Including your core muscles and forearms, including many more, which sums up a total of 84% major muscles of your body.

Can water rowing burn your belly fat?

Yes, water rowing can burn your belly fat very quickly; it is a very efficient way to burn calories. This can also help you to build strong and defined muscles. Your stubborn belly fat can be reduced by rowing for long sessions.

Do I have to change water always?

Thankfully, you do not always have to change the water. You can use chlorine tablets, which are provided with the machine by some manufacturers. These chlorine tablets have to be dropped in water once in 6 months. Water will be clean for that period.

Can you change the resistance to a water rowing machine?

Yes, you can change the resistance by changing the water level in the machine. More water level means more mass, which means more resistance. Similarly, if you want to decrease resistance, you have to reduce the water level.


Water rowing machines are one of the most used rowing machines in the world. With their sleek design and elegant look, everyone loves them. They mimic the real-life rowing experience; that is why most people prefer these. These have satisfying water splashes, which give you a very pleasing sound. This sound reconnects you with nature and soothes your soul. We will highly recommend you to try one of the water rowers and decide for yourself.

Based on our in-depth research on these products, we have concluded that Mr. Captain Rowing Machine for Home Use is our top pick from this list. Its boat-like structure has all the premium features one can ask for, like Bluetooth, furniture-like design, and longevity.

Our runner up in this list is Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine. This machine is very similar to our winner in features, but this does not have that classic furniture like the look. It is made up of steel, which is durable and long to last. You will love this product that is a guarantee.

If you are looking for a budget-oriented machine, this MaxCare Water Rowing Machine WaterRower is for you. If you are looking for something budget-friendly yet strong enough to get the best possible exercise experience, then this is the right machine for you.

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