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The rowing machine, also known as an ergometer, helps to increase endurance and strength of muscles. It also provides surprising benefits to your heart and lungs. Physical fitness is necessary, but the issue nowadays people face is that they do not have enough time to take care of their bodies. A hectic day routine is a barrier for all of us. So people use different machines and equipment to maintain their physical health. The individuals looking for all in one machine for their fitness must go for the home rower machines. Rowing machines are best for a workout. Rowing is meditative, a total body workout, and is an excellent alternative to the treadmill.

At a Glance:

The best rowing machine 2021 should be fully equipped with a performance monitor that tracks all stats and is loaded with a preset workout for users’ convenience. It should fulfill all the requirements of a rowing machine. It should be easy to use so that a beginner can choose it. However, it’s hard to get an ideal machine for a workout when there is a wide range of rowing machines.

There are many different types of rowing machines, like Flywheel rowing machines and hydraulic rowing machines. Now we will enlist a few best Rowing machines for beginners that can help you get the best workout for you.

Our Recommendations for Best Rowing Machine

DesignHealth & BeautyRetailer
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine
Check Price
Budget PickStamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing machine
Check Price
Oxbridge Rowing Machine by WaterRower
Check Price
Water-Rower Club Rowing machine
Check Price
First Degree Fitness’ Newport AR Rower
Check Price
Staff PickSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing machine
Check Price
Best PickFitness reality 1000 plus BlueTooth Magnetic Rower rowing 
Check Price
MaxKare Magnetic rowing machine folding exercise Rower
Check Price
ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine
Check Price

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine

The best top-selling rowing machine around the world is named “concept2 Model D indoor Rowing machine”. This rowing machine is popularly used over the last 40 years. It is the best home row machine with model D fitting, which facilitates fitness and is a home gym for the users.

Model D is designed to provide effective cardiovascular workout within an affordable price. It provides a full-body workout using a single machine. It is used in homes, physical rehabilitation centers, and athlete’s fitness centers.

It motivates the user with its built-in workouts and several programmable games. It offers an online community where a host can provide helpful information and support for rowing enthusiasts. There is a preset program for workouts that enhances preprogrammed scientific training and a USB port used to timely download your workout information.


A few distinguishing features of “Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine” are listed below:

  • maximum user weight capacity
  • Solid aluminum front legs
  • Steel rear legs
  • Flywheel with air resistance
  • Uninterrupted strokes
  • Has the only weight of 26k


  • LCD screen for tracking calories, speed, and distance
  • Large size to accommodate tall users
  • Smooth gliding operation
  • Online community
  • Fully padded seat
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to assemble only with eight screws


  • The resistance is non-adjustable.
  • Non-programmable
  • Requires more than 9 feet space
  • Not affordable for everyone
  • A bit noisy while it’s running.
Budget Pick

Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing machine

Stamina BodyTrac glider 1050 Rowing machine is one of the top-selling rowing machines and a beginner rowing machine workout. This machine lets the user do a smooth nonstop workout. The stamina air rower is portable and even can be stored in a closet.

It is made up of a steel and aluminum frame and is assembled in almost 15 minutes. It keeps the user focused on the LCD monitor to see the time of workout, strokes count, calories burned yet, and total strokes accumulated. Fold arms once you have completed the workout to save it in someplace.

This rowing machine provides an effective and efficient workout by involving all the muscle groups. Also, it is the best budget rowing machine. The LCD monitor screen displays data points for six seconds before rotating—the body Trac Glider workout accessory for what a user wants to get an ideal body shape.


It is one of the top-rated rowing machines and has so many distinguishing features that are listed below:

  • Offers versatile workout
  • Independent moving arms
  • Smooth hydraulic resistance
  • Continuous rowing action
  • Separate arms for a full-body workout
  • Lasting comfort for a longer workout
  • Multifunctional monitor for user’s motivation


  • low price
  • easy to assemble and fold
  • full range of movement with independent arms
  • fully padded smooth seat
  • mimic real boat rowing moments
  • textured footplates with straps for securing feet
  • foam-padded hand grips for comfort


  • 90 days or one-year warranty of parts
  • Resistance declines when the piston heats up
  • Not much durable
  • Not entirely constructed with steel
  • Loudly Piston sharks

Oxbridge Rowing Machine by WaterRower

It is so far the best water rowing machine that is considered best for workout and is named as “Oxbridge Rowing Machine by WaterRower.” The rowing motion of Oxbridge is similar to the motion of natural rowing. Its pull is quite smooth and consistent with advanced resistant blades.

The frame is made of durable wood, which lets the machine store the user’s upright footprint is one of the best rowing machines that avoids unnecessary rowers. Especially the cheery wood used for crafting WaterRower Oxbridge, and its finishing was done with Danish oil. It is the best rowing machine for beginners and is known as the perfect aerobic machine with natural smooth movements.

It does not let the joints to tax but boost the heart rate. With this machine, you can experience rowing at the next level. The heart flywheel contains two paddles enclosed in a water tank, which gives smooth and quiet resistance.


There are a few distinguishing features of “Oxbridge Rowing machine” that are listed below:

  • The best-handcrafted rowing machine
  • The flywheel sits in an enclosed water tank.
  • Made with solid cheery wood
  • Stores upright 117 ponds weights
  • Performance monitor tracks the intensity of the workout


  • Premium quality product
  • Cheery wood used for crafting
  • Smooth handling
  • Self-regulated resistance
  • Blinded vet with water Rower
  • Works greatly


  • Large footprint
  • The price is a little high.

Water-Rower Club Rowing machine

This water resistance rower named “Water-Rower Club rowing machine” is the most popular outdoor rowing enthusiastic. This is the best compact rower machine which mostly searched by athletes. This is another rower that is made of wood. It was crafted with ash wood and fished with black and rose stains and Danish oil.

It is outfitted with a quality series four monitors that balance all technical sophistication’. The monitor carries six information and programming windows. It is designed for the purpose of displaying the intensity of workout, heart rate, and duration.

It is the best water rower machine that uses WaterRower, and 84 percent of the mass muscle work is suitable according to the fitness perspective. It helps to strengthen the user’s muscles and burn calories fast than other aerobic machines. It is entirely comfortable for exercising. It does not put any weight on the user’s knees, hips, and ankles. But keep on moving limbs and joints with a full-motion by completely extending and contracting.


There are a few distinguishing features of “WaterRower club Rowing machine” that are listed below:

  • Water flywheel replicates actual rowing feel.
  • Made with solid ash wood
  • Stores upright 117 pounds weight
  • Designed for high commercial areas and gyms
  • Duel back rails
  • Four corner wheels on the rails
  • Frame flips upright for handy storage.


  • One-year warranty
  • The weight capacity is 1000 pounds.
  • Absorbs sound and vibration
  • Enhances water rowing performance
  • Displays zone bar, duration, and distance
  • Compatible Monitor


  • Assembling is tough
  • Chest strap not included
  • Installation at home seems impossible.

First Degree Fitness’ Newport AR Rower

There are many Best Rowing Machines for Beginners available nowadays, but The “First-degree Fitness Newport AR Rower” is considered the perfect one. It is the best workout machine with adjustable fluid resistance technology, with the rower control adjusts the resistance from different load levels, e.g., feather-light to the Olympic sprint.

This rower machine’s water-based system gives a smooth and consistent resistance to the entire rowing stroke. It is a challenging feature of AR with an advanced monitor that assists in providing true feedback while using it. It reduces stress on hands and wrists while rowing.

It also provides an innovative soft grip with upgrade footboard and advanced heel support. The multiple chambers ribbed internal tank replicates the real water rowing. The well-equipped computer offers more resistance than single resistance machines available in the market.


There are a few distinguishing features of “First-degree Fitness Newport AR Rower” listed below:

  • Improved pulley system
  • Fluid resistance technology
  • Multilevel computer USB port
  • Low friction seat rollers
  • 500M split time
  • Ergonomic design for preventing against the strain
  • Anodized aluminum seat rail frame


  • Built-in transit wheels which make it easy and light
  • Comfortable rowing position
  • Durable belt drive
  • Adjustable fluid resistance technology
  • Comprises of degree fitness
  • Smooth workout overall
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • Small-sized foot pedals
  • Requires vast space to install
Staff Pick

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing machine

The most smooth and stable rowing machine of workout is the “Sunny Health & fit6ness Magnetic Rowing Machine”. There are different magnetic resistance levels available in a wide range for workouts.

There are more than eight fully adjustable levels. The level two of this machine is good enough as it warms up the user before progressing to the next level and gives a more vigorous workout to the user. So, it is known as the best rowing machine for beginners.

This machine provides support to more than 250 pounds of weight. Its 48 inches long rail with padded seat rolls gives a smooth and quiet workout facility. It provides intense and enjoyable rowing at your home. Its quality steel made frame let the machine stand for longer times with weight.


There are a few distinguishing features of “Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic rowing Machine” listed below:

  • Eight levels of knob adjusted resistance
  • Fully cushioned seats
  • Fully Anti handler grip
  • Digital Monitor
  • Transportation wheels
  • Foam grip handlebars
  • Extra-long slide rail
  • Non-slippery foot pedals


  • Helps in preventing calluses
  • magnetic tension system
  • LCD console displays
  • Fully padded comfortable seats
  • Full body exercise including all significant muscles
  • The foldable design of the machine
  • Easy to store
  • Economical product overall


  • Rail may be too short for tall people
  • Comparatively short warranty
  • Noisy slide mechanism on beam
Best Pick

Fitness reality 1000 plus BlueTooth Magnetic Rower rowing 

Are you looking for a rowing machine at a low cost? Then “fitness reality 1000 plus Bluetooth magnetic rower rowing machine” would be the best choice as it is a good cheap rowing machine.

It let the user feel like a gym at home. Its 3.5 inches large LCD guides the user during a session of workout. This rowing machine good for keeping yourself fit.

The padded cushioning keeps you comfortable throughout the whole workout session. The front stabilizer foot pads assist the user for extra exercise. It is a magnetic resistance rowing machine.

The user sits and pulls the handles during the rowing strokes and spins the flywheel. Its resistance is fully adjustable by the user.


This machine particularly covers all rowing machine goals for the beginners. A few distinguishing features of “Fitness reality 1000 plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing machine” listed below:

  • Smart cloud fitness
  • Full body workout
  • Additional exercise machine
  • Large console
  • Have extra-wide handelbar14 levels of tensions
  • 12 months warranty
  • Can carry 250 pounds weight of the user


  • Very quiet while use
  • The long beam which is suitable for rowers long up to 6’6
  • Fully padded handles
  • 14 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Competitive price
  • Comfortable for footrest with full bands


  • Available with a very basic monitor
  • Issues with the resistance mechanism
  • The limited function of Bluetooth
  • No preset programs

MaxKare Magnetic rowing machine folding exercise Rower

Another best rowing machine for workout named “maxKare magnetic Rowing Machine folding exercise Rower” contains the most basic monitor which tracks essential workout data. The large LCD monitor screen displays time, stroke count, calories, and total counts.

The excellent user experience makes the entire rowing process enjoyable. The large cushioned seat of the rowing machine is entirely comfortable with extra padding on the seat and handlers. It allows the user to do a wider range of motion for maximizing the workout, particularly the upper body.

Using this rowing machine, both the experts and beginners can make their fitness goals real. It can be a home rower machine. It has adjustable water capacity; it entirely depends upon the user and his training target. He will fill the water according to his goal of training. According to this machine, the water level must be below 2/3 of the container capacity.


There are a few distinguishing features of “MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Folding Exercise Rower” listed below:

  • adjustable large LCD monitor
  • Easy transportation and storage
  • Sturdy and durable rower
  • Water resistance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Steel made frame
  • 110 kg of weight capacity


  • Padded handles
  • Cushioned seats
  • Adjustable levelers on the stabilizer
  • Rotating footrests for the perfect foot position
  • Fully stabilizer
  • Durable steel frame construction
  • Have a bottle holder
  • Adjustable footplates


  • There is no function to read pulse
  • No backlight on the fitness meter

ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

The ECHANFIT Magnetic rower rowing machine for home use is one of the best machines for those who want gym at home. It is also considered the best rowing machine for beginners because it is easy to use and assembled by the beginners. It has various exercise experiences that never let the user be bored while using this machine at home.

It provides the facility of indoor workout for fitness. This foldable fitness machine works on your upper and lower body. It focuses on the core strengths by keeping the heart rate up. Its secure system ensures a smooth and quiet exercise throughout.


The distinguishing features of “ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine for home use” that make it a good home rowing machine are listed below:

  • 16 levels of tension
  • Professional safety folding design
  • Silent magnetic resistance
  • Personalized customization Rower


  • Provides real-time feedback
  • Comes with quick adjustable pedals
  • Silent magnetic resistance system
  • Contains a water bottle holder
  • Durable and quiet slide rail
  • 16 levels to control tension
  • Easy to assemble for beginners


  • The tablet holder is placed to an inconvenient place
  • Assembling may be hard for a beginner
  • Not comfortable for all users, especially beginners

Summary for Best Rowing Machine

DesignHealth & BeautyRetailer
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine
Check Price
Budget PickStamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Rowing machine
Check Price
Oxbridge Rowing Machine by WaterRower
Check Price
Water-Rower Club Rowing machine
Check Price
First Degree Fitness’ Newport AR Rower
Check Price
Staff PickSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing machine
Check Price
Best PickFitness reality 1000 plus BlueTooth Magnetic Rower rowing 
Check Price
MaxKare Magnetic rowing machine folding exercise Rower
Check Price
ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine
Check Price

Buying guide for Best Rowing machine 2022

It is hard to buy an ideal rowing machine with the presence of hundreds of rowing machines. For that, a few things must consider necessary before going for the Best Rowing Machine to buy. 

A few essential specifications and distinguishing features of the ideal rowing machine are discussed below:

Size of Machine: 

The machine’s size is essential for all users, either experts or beginners. A rowing machine should be large enough that the user can comfortably straighten his legs with proper rowing. It must be with a perfect size that fits the user for a workout. In this regard, we must consider the rowing training program for beginners.

The seat of the Rowing Machine:

The seat of an excellent cheap rowing machine must be comfortable enough so that the user’s backside does not get tired. The seat helps in maintaining a proper form while workout or other exercises. It must be comfortable that the backside can stay easily on it.


While buying a rowing machine as a beginner takes the rowing machine’s resistance as an essential consideration. Resistance can be of various types like

  1. Magnetic
  2. Hydraulic
  3. Water
  4. Air

The choice of resistance is upon the user’s consent. Either he likes to have a rowing machine with magnetic resistance or hydraulic resistance.


The highest-rated rowing machine has a critical feature of fold-ability. A rowing machine with this feature is perfect for storage. The machines with water and air resistance do not get folded and cannot be stored properly. But the machines with magnetic and hydraulic resistance can be folded and stored easily even in a closet. So as a beginner to buy a rowing machine, you must consider the fold-ability of it.


Nowadays, rowers come with basic and advanced monitors. It helps the user to be aware of their performance about calories, time, strokes, etc. A best compact rower gives the user the best full-body workout information with a monitor display.

Ease of assembly 

It may be hard for beginners to assemble the rowing machine; however, it’s a one-time effort to assemble a rowing machine at home. So, if you are an expert, it does not matter if you can buy an easy to assemble rowing machine. But, as a beginner, you must prefer a quality rowing machine having an easy and convenient assembling.

Price of rower

The price is the most crucial factor before buying anything either related to fitness or household. In the case of the rowing machine, there is a wide variety of distinguishing prices and features. So, as a beginner to use a rowing machine, consider the one with all elements of your ideal rowing machine at affordable prices.


Mostly rowing machines do have the capacity to carry higher weights than other exercise machines. As a beginner to try rowing machines, you should have a look in the section of specifications in which the load-carrying capacity of the machine is also mentioned. So as a beginner, consider a rower who is a perfect match for your weight before buying a machine.

Storage feature

good rowing machine is one that can be stored easily. So, before buying a rowing machine, make sure that it can be folded or not. Mostly rowing machines can easily be folded with a central pulling pin. The wheels of the machine allow it to move quickly from one place to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

how long you should row using a rowing machine

20 minutes is enough time to row using a rowing machine.

Is the rowing activity is safe for pregnancy?

pregnancy is never a good time to go rowing.

can a rowing machine help me in reducing weight?

yes, Rowing machines help a lot in losing weight.

Do all rowing machines count calories accurately?

The calorie count of a rowing machine provides a guide. Numerous factors affect calories counting by a rowing machine.


From the above description, we can conclude that the best rowing machine for beginners should be easy to use, and it should fulfill the user’s requirements and needs. The concept2 Model D indoor Rowing machine would be one of the perfect rowing machines in this regard as it contains all demanded features and pros of an ideal machine.

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