Best Aerobic Stepper 2022 |Reviews and Buying Guide

Before you step into the world of these God-sent best aerobic steppers, you need to know what you’re actually getting yourself into. If you are an athlete or someone who desperately needs a piece of equipment such as this to change their health and physique for the better, then you have our full blessing to introduce yourself to the world of steppers.

Now, these might seem like something stepped out of a sci-fi movie with alien invasions involved but is actually, the Holy Grail you’ll never know you needed after getting a taste. It is the perfect workout equipment and one of the most advantageously supportive products of all. Some of its benefits are listed below:

At a Glance:

Low impact cardio: An aerobic stepper is manufactured to help you maintain and improve your health in a gradual and steady manner. A great supporter of not just youngsters but elders as well, it goes easy on the joints which are perfect for adults who might have weak knees or any other body muscles. It won’t put pressure on the muscles and will help them relax and fit.

Calorie torcher: This equipment involves your whole body due to which will rapidly set fire to all the calories, easily assisting you in reaching your goal in a short period of time. Since it is an aerobic workout, its main focus will be to immediately rid you of any extra calories you’ve attained in the past until now.

Fit and toned muscles: As the heading suggests, this stepper is a great way to tone and shape your muscles, giving them a healthy glow. It will bring attention to most of the muscles in your legs, core, and glutes, making you look like you just walked out of the fitness catalog.

Balance: In this whole workout, you’ll notice that balance is key. You’ll never be able to get the hang of it if you don’t start training yourself to balance, this might take time as it can be difficult to do this during big step-ups. Give yourself some time, you’ll easily be able to get accustomed to these exercises and balance yourself within these workouts.

Versatility: With such an innovative structure, you can do multiple workouts without limiting yourself to just one! The stepper can be used in many different ways to enhance its fitness and working abilities. The steps, speed, and height can be varied according to your needs due to which you can get many different outcomes and benefits from it.

Now that you know about all the very distinct ways in which an aerobic stepper is beneficial for you, you might be convinced to try this great equipment in order to achieve perfect results. However, before you go on and get yourself one of the bests in the market which will, later on, be reviewed with a list, you should first familiarize yourself with the material and gain some input regarding a stepper. Some of the tips mentioned here will not help prepare you for the worse but will also enhance your overall workout experience.

  • If you’re a beginner at trying out an aerobic stepper then make sure that you buy one with 4 inches of height. This will work well at warming you up with this aerobic stepper and will also be good for your joints as putting immense pressure right from the start might not be ideal. Once you get the hang of the workout and your joints get used to the pressure, you can purchase one with more height and leverage. Many professional and experienced steppers are known to use a 10-inch stepper.
  • One of the best tips to elevate any unnecessary weight that comes onto your joints can be reduced by fitting your whole sole onto the platform. This will help your joints to adjust to the impact and will avoid any injuries that come your way.
  • When you’re stepping down, make sure that you step close to the platform. Put no more than a shoe length distance between the platform and your foot. This will help in avoiding any injuries from the stepper. Slowly make your heel come in contact with the floor to absorb some of the impacts.
  • Maintaining the right posture is a key element in having a smooth workout experience with the aerobic stepper. While stepping you need to make sure that you have the perfect posture and body language so that you don’t cramp up your muscles. With a tight core and a straight back, you’ll be able to avoid as many injuries as you can.

Below, we have gathered some of the best aerobic steppers in the market to help you make the decision of a life time:

Our Recommendations for Best Aerobic Stepper

DesignHealth & BeautyRetailer
Budget PickThe Step Original Aerobic Platform
Check Price
The Step Original Aerobic Platform
Check Price
Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper
Check Price
Reebok Original Aerobic Step
Check Price
Staff PickEscape Fitness Deck for Step
Check Price
Best PickThe Step Home Gym Workout System
Check Price
Adjustable High Step Aerobic Platform
Check Price
Budget Pick

The Step Original Aerobic Platform

Here’s advice to purchase a suitable aerobic stepper, never ever overlook this Step Original Aerobic platform. Once you get your hands on this beauty, you’ll surely be a convert. It is a one in a million and has the most perfect features to back up its quality. The stepper comes with a gray platform and two or four exceptional risers to built the surface foundation according to the intensity with which you’re carrying out your workout. You can even have a safe and secure experience with the non-skid feet that these risers come with as they protect you from any injuries that you might have.

The strong and sturdy structure will leave you satisfied with your workout results. This way you will not only be able to freely move on it but will also have the best experience of all.


  • The whole structure is manufactured with polyethylene which proves its sturdiness and steadiness.
  • The circuit size of the gray platform is (28. 5” L x 14. 5” W x 4” H) which gives you plenty of space to maneuver it. The risers are black in color which complements the platform structure.
  • The platform comes with a non-slip top which will help you have a nice grip over the surface and can support weight up to 275 lbs.
  • The 4 non-skid feet are an important feature present on each riser giving you a safe ride on the aerobic stepper.
  • You can even adjust your workout complexity by moving the risers from 4’’ to 6’’.


  • The stepper is made in such a way that it can be used by professionals as well as beginners
  • You can have a clean and clear workout
  • There are notches placed for the resistance band
  • The stepper has a strong and sturdy structure


  • It can be hard to place the risers back to their previous positions

The Step Original Aerobic Platform

This is an Original Aerobic stepper used mostly in step classes due to its exceptionally magnanimous features that are perfect for experts to manage. Despite the advance features with multiple purposes, the stepper has 4 risers that will help the platform to be suitable for heights four, six and eight. In terms of the user’s safety and security, the stepper has a cushioned top so that there’s no damage done to the joints on impact. Moreover, it is non-slip due to which you can ride it with ease without worrying about slipping.

Due to the stepper’s large size, you can even engage into an upper body workout by lowering and using it as a low workout bench. It’s a 2 in 1 package which is incredible to use for an upper body as well as a lower body work out. This way you get the best of both worlds by giving it maximum usage.


  • It is manufactured in United States with a high-density of polyethylene which is durable as well as recyclable.
  • The full size of the aerobic stepper is (43” L x 16” W x 4” H) which has a gray colored platform with 4 black colored risers.
  • The platform has a premium non-slip cushioned top that will give you a safe and secure ride, and can support 350 lbs.
  • The four non-skid feet placed on each riser and the platform prevent you from slipping or scratching the floors.
  • You can even have multiple workouts that can be varied with height, by adjusting the height at 4, 6 and 8 inches.


  • You can easily adjust the height according to your convenience
  • Manufactured with strong and durable high-density polyethylene
  • The platform provides a strong grip with its non-slipping quality
  • Has the perfect features for you to have a safe and secure experience


  • The size of the platform can be a bit small for the user

Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper

Tired of using your previous stepper or want a new one? KLB adjustable workout stepper is made solely for your convenience and suitability. It is manufactured in such a way that the surface absorbs most of the shock waves, providing you with minimum impact. Moreover, the non-slip material is another feature that enhances its ability to give you a safe platform to work on. You can use it for many workout purposes like centering on your hamstrings with alternate lunges.

The non-slip platform comes with an incredible support blocks that will change the height of the stepper from 4 to 8 inches depending on the type of workout you’re enforcing yourself with. The whole package includes a stepper with 4 risers and many additional rubber feet for a safe and secure experience.


  • The material with which the KLB stepper is made is plastic with a weight of 5 pounds.
  • Extremely easy to travel with it, you can take it to class, work or even to another country!
  • The height can be adjusted from 4’’, 6’’ and 8’’.
  • This is an incredible workout equipment, which not only helps in toning your muscles but is also super helpful at improving your coordination while you work on your cardiovascular fitness exercises.
  • Keeps your safety and security in mind by providing you with a great non-slip surface.
  • It not only works on your hamstrings but is also great at strengthening your chest and back pushups.
  • You can even use it for cardio workout to strengthen your lower body.


  • It is great for beginners as well as experts
  • The structure is strong and sturdy
  • It is light in weight which makes it easily portable
  • It is stable as well so won’t have to experience any disbalance from it


  • It is a little narrow

Reebok Original Aerobic Step

It’s difficult to find an aerobic stepper that you can easily adjust different heights with, Reebok Original Aerobic stepper introduces a click and lock feature that you can simply adjust the 3 different heights with. These include 6, 8 and 10 inches. Gone are the days of repeating that one workout over and over again, with these new height options you can engage yourself in multiple workouts. This equipment even has rubber feet that can provide you with the right grip to hold on to the surface without slipping or attaining any kind of injury.

The squeaky clean exterior is only possible due to the sweat resistant ability and easy to clean structure. You can store it anywhere you want without it taking up much space.


  • It has 3 adjustable height options to give you a wide range of workouts to work with. These are 6, 8 and 10 inches in size.
  • Its versatile features and abilities are what draw the buyer to it, in the first place.
  • The product has a non-slip surface to give you the maximum safety effect.
  • It has a compact storage which proves that you can keep it anywhere without clearing a proper space for it.
  • The overall size of the aerobic stepper is 39 x 15 inches and is 16 pounds in weight.


  • The stepper is very easy to clean
  • It has sweat resistant ability which makes it easy to clean the surface
  • It is very versatile
  • The click and lock feature makes it perfect to adjust it to different heights


  • There aren’t any disadvantages found in this stepper
Staff Pick

Escape Fitness Deck for Step

The Escape Fitness Deck might be one of the most professionally used steppers on the list. It is a portable training deck that can also be used as an aerobic stepper. The platform is plyometric, attached with an adjustable training bench. Through this structure you can easily get into multiple workouts and get yourself a completely toned and fit body. The deck is basically formed to provide you with your own step and circuit, giving your body routines perfect for the overall fitness and strength of your physique. This way you won’t have to pressure your body into doing something that it might not be able take.

There are different angles for stepping that you can use to challenge yourself during workouts. The step and bench modes transform the stepper into an incline/decline ramp. With this new feature you can perform many different workouts and get a toned and perfectly fit body.


  • The stepper involves your whole body into the workout, its versatile design and structure helps in providing you the best cardio and whole body strength workouts.
  • The machine is equipped with 16 configurations present in 1 weight bench. The polyometric box, stepping platform and many other added features give you the experience of a lifetime.
  • There is a built-in storage system where the backrest can be lifted to integrate a storage bin through which you can easily get access to the equipment.
  • He deck even has an adjustable backrest made with steel tubing support present with 3 different angles like 30, 45 and 70 degrees.
  • You can ven challenge and engage yourself in many different workouts through the incline/decline ramp when you’re in bench or step mode.


  • It has many versatile properties
  • The stepper is multipurpose
  • Made for your convenience and comfortability
  • It is very much stable


  • The aerobic stepper might seem a little short
Best Pick

The Step Home Gym Workout System

Another multipurpose stepper that is going to blow your mind with its exceptionally great features consists of two height levels that provide you with choices like exercise and intensity. The whole design is made for exercises like push-ups, mountain climbers, and split squats. Its non-slip surface enables the user to freely use it without worrying about any injuries. Its design is so ergonomic that it can easily absorb shock waves and any harm that can come from them can also be eliminated through its harm-educing ability that arises from our weight.

It takes up very little space as the package comes with detachable extra foot supports and can be easily stacked anywhere. The weight which is 5.5 lbs, is another feature due to which it is portable. You won’t even have break your workout streak if you suddenly have to travel, you can take this stepper anywhere in the world.


  • This aerobic stepper is one the bests in the list and can easily be transported anywhere due to its weight and size with dimensions 26.77″ Long X 11.02″ Wide X 5.91″ Tall.
  • It provides you with a very secure non-slip surface, a very adjustable two height levels of 4 and 6 inches.
  • The non-skid feet give you a nice grip to hold on to the surface while you go about doing your workouts.
  • The versatility of the stepper includes having a bench that can accommodate users of any nature expertise or even beginners who have no idea about how to maneuver this machine. This way it will help you build tolerance and strength to improve your fitness and physique.
  • It can be used as a tool to increase strength and make you stronger every day.


  • The equipment is very stable
  • It comes with padded feet that are great at preventing any scratches from appearing on the floors
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a multipurpose design and is quite flexible to use


  • None

Adjustable High Step Aerobic Platform

The YES4ALL aerobic stepper is made for your convenience and suitability, you can veen call “the one” if you must because it surely has the features to prove that it is infact the one you’ve been looking for your whole life. With a non-slip surface and a light weight design, this stepper was made keeping your comfort and security in mind. The top surface is what makes it easy to work on your back, feet and hands. The non-skid feet will protect the floor from getting any scratches while working out. You can even adjust the height till 4. 6 and 8 inches.

The whole structure is made from recyclable high-quality polyethylene great for supporting weight upto 300 pounds. Its versatile qualities make it possible to work on it with many different excersises.


  • This is a 16X16 inches platform which is non-slip and has shock absorbing qualities great for managing any impact that come syour way.
  • With the easily managed height adjustability, you can perform different workouts and engage in many fitness routines by just tweaking and adjusting the height ranges from 4’’ to 12’’.
  • The material with which the whole stepper is made with is high-density polyethylene which has quite a high quality and is very recyclable.
  • The stepper can hold up to 275 pounds of weight and is a great for low and high impact excersises.
  • Since it is light weight, you can take it anywhere you want.


  • The structure is quite stable which will improve your balance during workouts
  • The design is durable
  • It has high-quality features
  • It has many versatile quality features


  • The weight might be too low to support your whole body during workouts

Summary for Best Aerobic Stepper

DesignHealth & BeautyRetailer
Budget PickThe Step Original Aerobic Platform
Check Price
The Step Original Aerobic Platform
Check Price
Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper
Check Price
Reebok Original Aerobic Step
Check Price
Staff PickEscape Fitness Deck for Step
Check Price
Best PickThe Step Home Gym Workout System
Check Price
Adjustable High Step Aerobic Platform
Check Price

Buying Guide of Best Aerobic Stepper 2022

An aerobic stepper is something that you don’t come across every other day, most of the population might not even have the benefits that it comes with when you are in possession of an aerobic stepper. This is workout equipment manufactured solely for the purpose of providing you with the best features to make all your fitness dreams to come true. Now that we’ve listed all the different aerobic steppers present in the market, each having their own added benefits, we’re going to be informing you about all the necessary features that should be present in a stepper so you don’t go into the market blinded-sided, not knowing what you’re even getting yourself into. Here are some of the major features that should be present in an aerobic stepper:


First, and the most important feature that you notice in a stepper, is the material it is manufactured with. If the exterior isn’t strong and sturdy then you might have to be cautious while you’re going through these workouts. You should know that safety always comes first, which is something that should be considered when you’re choosing an aerobic stepper as one misstep can lead to tremendous consequences. Most aerobic steppers are made with heavy-duty polyurethane which is a strong and durable material.

Height Adjustability:

You can work on my different exercises while you’re on an aerobic stepper, with a single unit which depends on the amount of risers that this equipment comes with. If you add height adjustability into the mix, then BOOM, you can not only maneuver through many workouts but can also increase the intensity with which they’re being handled.

Slip-resistant platform:

Now this is another safety feature that won’t regret considering as slipping or disbalancing is a common occurrence while you’re doing a complex exercise on an aerobic stepper. Here, non-slip surfaces are a god-sent feature as they enhance the grip of the platform providing you a danger-free zone to work on.

Weight capacity:

The aerobic stepper should be able to hold weight upto 300 pounds as having a stepper that cannot hold up much weight might be alarming and can be a risk to your safety. If you’re heavy weight then this feature should be your first priority.

Strong construction:

The aerobic stepper should be made with a strong and rigid construction so as not to wobble or move when you’re working out as balance is key when you’re engaging yourself in an intense exercise on an aerobic stepper. When you’re selecting a stepper in the market then make sure to try stepping over it so that you know if it is strong enough to hold up your weight.

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