Best x58 Motherboard in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The motherboard is the heart of your gaming rig. It receives power from the PSU and distributes it to all other components onboard, including supporting a CPU. Motherboards can be customized with different processors or graphics cards depending on what you plan for this build’s use case!

The X58 chipset is one of the most popular Intel chipsets in a motherboard. If you’re looking for an excellent board that supports this architecture, we’ll help find the best PCMR-approved model just for your next build. Join today and reap all these benefits!

At a Glance:

The motherboard is the core of your PC and can be one of the most difficult components to choose. But, we’ve compiled a list that should make it easier for you to find what you need without all the confusion. Whether you want something with lots of ports or overclocking capability, these motherboards have got you covered! We hope this list helps guide you in your search so that when it’s time for an upgrade, choosing which x58 motherboard is right for you will be easy as pie.

Our Recommendations for Best x58 Motherboard

Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8
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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core
Check Price
ASUS X58 Sabertooth
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Intel DX58SO Extreme
Check Price
Dpofirs X58 Computer Motherboard
Check Price
ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming
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Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8

The Core i7-9700K is a slightly more affordable option for diehard enthusiasts. Though it does not have as much power, you will still be able to experience high performance without sacrificing energy usage or heat.

The Core I7-9700K provides an even better balance between efficiency and cost than its bigger brother from Intel’s 99XX series of chips with only one less core (8 versus 9).

Gaming enthusiasts who want their games to run at peak performance often upgrade with new processors that have unlocked multipliers so they can reach high clock speeds no matter what kind of workload is thrown in front of them by demanding applications like video streaming software such as OBS Studio (or other screen recording programs). The newest generation from Intel®, the ninth gen i5/i7-9700K CPU has a base speed of 3.6.

Intel’s new Core i7-9700K is the perfect CPU for your gaming rig. It supports up to 128GB of DDR4 memory, which means you’ll get some serious power out of this powerhouse without breaking a sweat. The integrated graphics processor will also help with things like productivity and video editing so that when it comes time to game again you won’t have any lag as long as there is an external GPU hooked in!


  • Provide fast speed on cool temperature.
  • Most ideal for gaming.
  • Platform Compatibility.


  • Lack of Integrated Wireless and AC WiFi Capabilities.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core

AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X is a powerhouse processor that will not disappoint. It has an impressive base clock of 3.6 GHz and boosts speeds up to 4.4GHz so you know it can handle anything from gaming, video editing, or even playing the latest game titles with no lag time issues! With eight cores for sixteen threads, this new AMD chip features top-of-the-line technology in its design and offers more performance than ever before seen on their previous generations of chips

You may want the 3700X if you’re a gamer because it is one of the fastest CPUs thanks to its single-core performance. With AMD’s new price point, this CPU can compete with Intel and change how we think about processors in general.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is a much more affordable processor, but also needs less robust cooling than the higher-end processors. The best part about this CPU? It’s still capable of handling most everyday tasks and it can take on anything you throw at it with an 8-core/16-thread processing engine that maxes out at 5 GHz!


  • Fast processor with plenty of cores.
  • Provide excellent gaming and video editing.
  • The price point is also good.


  • Restricted overlocking.

ASUS X58 Sabertooth

ASUS is a powerhouse in the PC market. Their motherboards are loved throughout this world and their fans know it’s good when ASUS makes them! The Sabertooth X58 lives up to that legacy with its special features so you can game harder, longer without worrying about any problems.

It’s not just about how many cores you have. You want to be able to use all of them, and that means having a motherboard with enough slots for your RAM sticks. The ASUS Z87-Pro is ready for any high-performance CPU because it has six memory slots capable of holding 24GB worth of DDR3 modules at up to 1866MHz speeds!

With this motherboard, it’s easy to configure two Nvidia graphics cards in SLI mode for increased performance. With a myriad of RAM speeds from 1066-1866MHz available and support for triple channel memory configurations, the possibilities are limitless!

This board has enough ports for any storage need you may have. With 6 SATA 2nd generation, and two 3rd gen SATA ports that can be used in tandem with the first 12 hard drive bays, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking to get serious.


  • Durable and flexible.
  • Strong overlocking performance.
  • 24GB RAM capacity.


  • Does not have optional USB ports.

Intel DX58SO Extreme

What kind of computer enthusiast are you? If you’re not already satisfied with the processor capabilities in your current rig, then this Intel motherboard has something for everyone. With a Core i7 chipset and LGA1366 socket, it gives users on-board access to some serious power. And if that doesn’t sound like enough juice for ya’, and offer an upgrade option so that the board can accommodate up to six cores or twelve threads!

The best part about this motherboard is probably the Dolby Digital Audio support. It comes with version 7.1, which was standard back then and still holds up well today even though there are more advanced audio features available now such as DTS-HD Master Audio or True HD that require a dedicated sound card to work correctly on most modern PCs.

But USB cables were always wonderful inventions of the PC era–you could do virtually everything you wanted it them before they became obsolete for newer technologies like WiFi connectivity but their inclusion in motherboards has been one additional feature that these boards first came out because not only does it help make installation so much easier than ever before by eliminating bulky IDE hard drives and ribbon cables


  • Perfect for running any game.
  • Comes with 4 RAM slots to fill.
  • Very easy Installation.


  • This motherboard doesn’t support old RAM.

Dpofirs X58 Computer Motherboard

This motherboard comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium manganese button battery and is also integrated with an Inte1X 58 series audio chip which features 6 channels of sound. This board supports the integration of network card type RTL8111F Gigabit Network Card as well as DDR3 Desktop Mainboard Support RCM Memory Pro!

With a gigabit network card and high-quality soundcard, your computer will be able to take advantage of the latest in networking technology. It will also provide you with crystal clear audio quality that won’t cut out when things start getting hectic on the internet. With seven power phases for stability at higher speeds and three larger capacitors keeping everything running smoothly, this motherboard is what you need if speed and reliability are important factors weighing heavily on your mind every day!

The Gigabyte motherboard has a seven-phase power supply for more stability and visibility. The Gigabyte RTL8111F gigabit network card also features dual indicators, one to show the status of the lights on and off as well as speed between 100Mbps or 10 Gbps


  • Supports Intel Core i7 processors.
  • Very affordable.
  • Durable, compatible.


  • Versatility issues.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming

The Asus ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (WiFi) is designed for gamers who also use wireless internet. This ATX motherboard can accommodate the hardware of your choice because it’s compatible with 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors thanks to its AMD chipset.

ASUS’ new motherboard is designed to unleash the full potential of your system and give you an edge over other gamers. With a 4x memory slot design, it allows for up to 128 GB dual-channel DDR4 RAM modules with speeds as high as 3000 MHz through OptiMem technology which reduces latency by 13%.

The ASUS Motherboard ROG STRIX X570-F Gaming, with the latest BIOS and drivers, was built for customized fanless VRM and chipset heatsinks. With its new design Stack Cool 3+, your system will keep running reliably without having to worry about BIOS updates or driver compatibility issues.


  • Better battery life.
  • Provide an excellent experience for gaming.
  • Included WiFi and wireless connection.


  • Can not support an intel processor and AMD.

Frequently Asked Questions

For my X58 motherboard, what type of RAM should I get?

The X58 is an older motherboard design, but it’s still the best for overclocking. You can find RAM in different speeds and capacities to get a system that suits your needs; just make sure you match up with what they’re rated at so you don’t end up disappointed!

Is DDR4 RAM compatible with my X58 motherboard?

The world of technology is full of limitations, and for every improvement, there’s an equal opposite drawback. DDR3 memory kits are notoriously difficult to work with–although they’re cheaper in the long run–and so you’ll have more trouble using them unless your motherboard supports it.

What is the speed at which my RAM will operate?

If you’re looking for a motherboard with good RAM support, the ASUS ROG is worth checking out. It has an overclocking capability of up to 2200 MHz and can accommodate any type of memory from 1066-1600MHz.

What is the best way to put RAM on my new motherboard?

Memory is one of the easiest steps in building a PC. With more and more enthusiasts on the planet, you can learn to install RAM sticks quite easily. Line up your memory with its corresponding slot by lining up pins according to cutouts – just make sure they’re facing the correct way! Push it into place firmly until you hear an audible click, voila!

Buying Guide of Best x58 Motherboard in 2022

Less heat generation = less power consumption. The chipset is a major contributor to the total system power, and the “best motherboard” will have lower chipset power consumption when compared with other models of comparable price.

High-quality capacitors make for longer-lasting boards. As they age, these components can cause crashes or even property damage if there are any malfunctions. A high-quality board that doesn’t contain low-quality capacitors can be more expensive up front but save you money in the long run by reducing your chances of crashing due to capacitor failure.

Consider how much space you need on your motherboard: size does matter! If you want additional features like overclocking capability then it’s worth getting one with extra slots.

Consider the number of ports. If you want to have a lot of USB slots, firewire ports, and other extras then it’s worth investing in one with more than just a standard amount.

Your BIOS settings can impact your experience greatly. Think about how easy it is for you to navigate through menus: if this could be improved with some extra features, don’t hesitate to specify those needs when ordering your “best motherboard.”

You can’t go wrong with the standard four RAM slots, which will allow you to use your current memory kit and also have some room for upgrades in the future. Remember that these days we need as much processing power as possible so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What is the best chipset to choose for a CPU and build? There are many compatible chipsets that you can use, but when looking at AMD Ryzen 5 3600; A320, A520, B350, B450. X370 or x470 make up your decision.


The motherboard is the foundation of your PC, and buying one can be a simple process or an arduous task depending on what you want from it. There are many different components to consider when choosing which board will work best for you – some might need integrated RGB lighting while others require more robust onboard WiFi capabilities.

These individual needs make finding that perfect motherboard difficult but well worth the effort to get exactly what we’re looking for out of our builds!

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