Are Walkers Bad for Babies Hips?

Every mom of a newborn baby considers a lot of things when she buys any gadget or machine for her baby. If I talk about baby walkers, the first question that came into mummy’s mind is, is it safe? Is a baby walker dangerous? Is walker good or bad for babies hips?

This article will show you the disadvantage of baby walkers for their hips. Also, you can find the reasons why they are bad for babies’ hips.
First of all, have a look at what baby walkers are! Baby walkers are also known as go-cart, baby runner, walking tool,
the baby trainer is the tool that babies can use as a support in walking before they walk on their own.
In the market different kinds of baby walkers are available, made of hard plastic and metal. They have wheels so the babies can try to move their legs and feet from one place to another.
Some researchers have been made to find the advantages and disadvantages of baby walkers, but their bad impact on baby hips cannot be denied.
Parents like to have baby walkers for their kids to free up their hands. So they act as a helping tool for parents. But the fact is baby walkers are not safe enough.
Mostly these walkers are used for babies at the age of 6 to 9 months and this age is too early for them to use walkers. At that stage their bones are premature and their muscles are week. When parents stand their babies in walkers and there is an imbalance in their body, the unwanted pressure and force bring problems for baby hips and
legs. It can cause strains on babies’ hips and spines. Not only this but babies' development also gets disturbed. Babies start to learn things at an early stage of growth by skipping the stage of crawling. By skipping such small steps of growth, babies’ development does not remain on the simple track.

At that early age, bones are very weak. Any extra pressure or force is not good for them. Therefore, Use of baby walkers can cause injuries,i.e head bumps, bruises, falling, drowning, etc.
According to some parents, walkers are deleterious to normal development for their infants. Because the children can move around easily, they can satisfactorily move around the floor, and a very important step of their development called crawling or creeping is successfully skipped. This salient stage is important for strengthening
the body muscles and bones, also it keeps coordination. Such parents understand the situation that skipping a stage and entering a further stage can cause major pressure on babies’ bones especially hip bone. Because of this effect babies’ legs and hips remain weak and delicate. Similarly, many parents think that walkers can help their babies in learning and also develop their bodies. According to them walkers minimize the effort and make it easier to walk. According to this concept, the lower legs may be strengthened, but the most important for walking are the upper legs and hips which become comparatively weak.
I will sum up the discussion that it is the responsibility of parents to consult a pediatrician and it is the responsibility of the pediatrician to guide the parents about walkers and helping them in taking the best decision for their babies so nothing could harm hip bone, muscles, and other body parts of the babies.

Right Age for Baby Walker

There is no hard and fast rule that when babies can use a walker, or what is the right age for a baby walker. baby walkers are designed for the age of 5 to 24 months

How long can a babysit in a walker?

If your baby is not able to sit properly, don’t use a baby walker. As a mom, I would suggest you not to put your baby in a walker for more than 15 to 20 mint.

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By Daisy

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