About Us

The core idea behind creating Reviewlog was to provide best product reviews.

Welcome everyone!

I am Basit Awan, the founder of this website.

How We Review

At Reviewlog, we emphasize on the customer’s contentment. We do not merchandize partiality based products. We line up to help you in finding the elite products as per your requirements. We systematically set our criteria to determine the products and review them correspondingly. It remains on the same page for every single trademark. Below are certain things enlisted that we use to craft our product reviews:

Features and components

Our main aim is to focus on the product’s visuals and descriptions that are reliable. We do our utmost effort to put up those products in the list that have the maximum number of features as it is authentic, that not every product can be an all-rounder or a versatile.

Additional features

Customers captivate more towards those products that have some additional features. “Like some customers think when they can purchase a product having same features in the cost-effective or economical value, then why they move towards the highly-priced products” So we include those products having some additional perks or technological features in it.


After that, a warranty is a prime thing to be considered. So we ensure you the best-guaranteed products. As product warranties are beneficial both to the customers and the business owners. Warranty can assure the customers that if they have any problem with the product they can return it to the company even after the product has been purchased. Manufacturers offer the warranty regarding the condition of their products but again customer care is a prime consideration here.

Customer Reviews

When it is difficult to decide whether or not to buy something, we usually ask our friend’s or relatives’ recommendations so that we can make a decision. But here, we make an easy path for our customers by just going through the other customer’s positive reviews and make their decisions accordingly. You can also watch videos of those purchased products. Customers’ glowing and positive reviews are always here to entertain you by going through the pros and cons of every single product.

Concise Compilation

For customer’s ease, we compiled all the information briefly so that customers don’t get confused by all this stuff. Choose accordingly by comparing pros and cons of the products so that you can make the right decision at a right time.